Gandhi Kasturi Bai Village Development Society - GKVDS

Project Brief: GKVDS's mission is to rehabilitate the deprived section of society by helping them enhance their capacity to ensure socio-economic upliftment. Asha is supporting starting of 5 centers to provide non-formal education, health care & vocational training
Project Type: Formal Schools (description)
Primary Focus: children of migrant workers (description)

Secondary Focus: dropouts

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Seattle
Status: completed - things went wrong
Project Steward: Kalimuthu Vinayagamoorthy
Project Partner(s): Thirumalai Devendiran
Other Contacts: Kavitha Golconda
Project Address: , Puliampatti village & Post,,,,
TAMIL NADU  606 703
Stewarding Chapter: Seattle
Mar 2014SeattleUSD 7592
Jul 2012SeattleUSD 3932
Oct 2011SeattleUSD 1465
Oct 2011SeattleUSD 3000
Sep 2011SeattleUSD 2150
Sep 2011SeattleUSD 3000
Oct 2010SeattleUSD 4150
Dec 2009SeattleUSD 1005
Dec 2009SeattleUSD 3000
Aug 2009SeattleUSD 3890
Oct 2008SeattleUSD 3623
Jul 2008SeattleINR 180000
Jul 2008SeattleINR 1
Nov 2007SeattleUSD 6350
Mar 2007SeattleUSD 5580

Total = $52661.0218

This project from Gandhi Kasturibhai Village Development Society aims to provide non-formal education, health care and vocational training to under-privileged children. GKVDS has identified about 150 children (7-11 years) in nearby villages who can be helped and has convinced their parents to enroll them into education centers. To cater to these students they plan to start 5 centers which will provide the following:

Alternative education: Teach 150 children to read, write and acquire knowledge comparable to 8th grade over 3 years. Children are encouraged to join mainstream school with parents consent when program ends. Staff: 5 animators, 1 educational coordinator

Job-oriented training: Provide training in tailoring to children in batches of 30 every 6 months to enable them to be self-employed. Staff: 1 instructor

Health care: Provide health education on topics such as personal hygiene, common diseases, effect of drugs and STDs. A mobile health team will also regularly visit each center to conduct medical check-up camps.

Savings scheme: Establish a savings scheme to encourage children to save money earned through learner's incentives.

Gandhi Kasturibhai Village Development Society (GKVDS) was established in 1993 in Chengam Taluk, Tiruvannamalai District in Tamil Nadu. Their mission is to rehabilitate the most deprived section of society (i.e., small farmers, landless laborers, dalits, people with disabilities, their families and children) by helping them enhance their capacity and confidence to ensure socio-economic upliftment. Their past projects have included running training programs for dalit empowerment such as tailoring center, health education centers, creche center, environment awareness campaigns, etc. They have 7 executive committee members, 3 full-time employees, 10 part-time employees and about 50 volunteers.
Contact person: T.DEVENDIRAN Secretary-cum-Director
Contact person phone: 9486050503