Neehar (Vanchit Vikas)

Project Brief: Vanchit Vikas (Upliftment & Development of the deprived community) is a trust formed in 1985. Maharashtra and MadhyaPradesh are the states where Vanchit Vikas presently concentrates the work, mainly dealing with the problems of women and children.
Project Type: Child Home (description)
Primary Focus: children of sex workers (description)

Secondary Focus: girls

Area: Urban
Supporting Chapter Contact: UFlorida
Status: completed - requirements ended
Project Steward: Prajakta Dravid
Project Partner(s): Yash Kapoor
Other Contacts:
Project Address: , 405/9 Narayan peth, Behind Modi Ganpati Temple,,Pune,
Tel: (020) – 25448019, 24483050,
Stewarding Chapter: UFlorida
Jul 2007UFloridaUSD 4500

Total = $4500

Over a last decade Vanchit Vikas has created a niche for itself by working on various sectors of the society simultaneously. Maharashtra and MadhyaPradesh are the states where Vanchit Vikas
presently concentrates the work. Mainly they deal with the problems of Women and Children {Including commercial sex workers and their
children}, Farmers, Land laborers, backward class, tribal people and poor class in urban area. Asha Uflorida is currently supporting NEEHAR which deals with problems of children of sex workers.

Bodies of the women have long been considered as a commodity for sexual use. Most of these women are forced into the profession. Their living and working conditions are very bad. All these prostitutes are exploited, they are victims of poverty and superstitions, no proper ventilation, unhygienic atmosphere, less water, lack of nutritious food, diet, compulsion of addiction and other bad habits...every thing is the area is worst. They are suffering from various disease and from HIV /AIDS also. Most of them are illiterate. To support the children of these women, “ Neehar” was established in 1989. It is located at Lohgaon village 18 kms away from Pune station, near airport. Neehar is a basically Sanskrit word, it means that dew drops, who are shaping to have a good/bright future. Priority is given to the girl child at the time of admission. At present Neehar is containing 60 girls and 17 boys. The age group of children is 3-18 yrs. Neehar is a like a home for the children where they get love, care and affection. Children are provided with all the facilities. They attend nearby local schools,
participates in various activities, competition and won the prizes. Some of them are toppers in their class. Children who have passed out SSC examination are studying in reputed colleges. Vocational training is provided to them in the form of knitting, tailoring, artificial jewellary and other handicrafts.
1 To rehabilitate the children of the commercial sex workers to overcome their problems and to lead normal, healthy and productive life.
2 To develop their personality.
3 To strive for their acceptance in the society as normal citizens.
4 To provide educational opportunities.
5 To support the children to enjoy their livelihood
6 To enable these children to be financially independent and then provide a good life for their mothers in their old age.
7 To support the girls to stay away from entering into the professssion of prostitution.
8 To support this deprived group to develop as good citizens of society in India.