Balia Gram Unnayan Samity

Project Brief: This project runs a pre-primary school for kids in the Balia District of West Bengal.
Project Type: Pre-Primary (description)
Primary Focus: children of dalits/tribals (description)

Secondary Focus: girls

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: UIUC
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: Priyasmita Ghosh
Project Partner(s): S Pal
Other Contacts: Monalisa Sen
Project Address: , Village Balia,P.O. Bahirkhand,Bahirkhand,
Tel: 03212 242283
Stewarding Chapter: UIUC
Aug 2023UIUCUSD 10536
Aug 2022UIUCUSD 1518
Jun 2022UIUCUSD 7333
Sep 2021UIUCUSD 8882
Jun 2020UIUCUSD 12087
Sep 2019UIUCUSD 15118
Jun 2018UIUCUSD 22461
Oct 2017UIUCUSD 22926
Jun 2016UIUCUSD 19700
Nov 2015UIUCUSD 15029
Sep 2015UIUCUSD 7703
Jan 2015UIUCUSD 6505
Jul 2014UIUCUSD 7866
Sep 2013UIUCUSD 10179
Apr 2013UIUCUSD 8827
Dec 2012UIUCUSD 6000
Sep 2012UIUCUSD 5000
Mar 2012UIUCUSD 4980
Nov 2011UIUCUSD 2000
Sep 2011UIUCUSD 5400
Feb 2011UIUCUSD 1200
Feb 2011UIUCUSD 4000
Oct 2010UIUCUSD 4600
Feb 2010KnoxvilleUSD 3650
Aug 2009Work an HourUSD 1750
Aug 2009UIUCUSD 4225
Mar 2009Work an HourUSD 10130
Mar 2009Work an HourINR 37000
Jan 2009KnoxvilleUSD 2250
Oct 2008UIUCUSD 1666
Jul 2008UIUCUSD 1667
May 2008KnoxvilleUSD 2215
Jan 2008Silicon ValleyUSD 1385
Oct 2007UIUCUSD 3300
Oct 2007UIUCUSD 1500
Aug 2007UIUCUSD 1250
Mar 2007UIUCUSD 1250

Total = $246894.6

Balia Gram Unnayan Samity (BGUS) is an NGO working in the Hoogly district of West Bengal for the social and educational upliftment of the villagers. Asha is funding their pre-primary schools and coaching centers that benefit children from 10 villages within the range of this project. These efforts are largely aimed at improving the quality of education and preventing early drop out amongst children in these poor communities, by instilling school going habits in children (through pre primary schools) and providing additional support to the students attending Government schools (through the coaching programs). BGUS also runs a book bank that lends text and reference books to students. In addition to this, BGUS supports other development activities in the region related to healthcare, farming practices, professional training etc.

Project Scope for Asha:

+ Seven pre-primary schools in ten villages for 303 children (Age: 3-6)
- Learning & teaching material
- Teachers salary
- Nutrition
+ Coaching program for ~ 260 children (Age: 6-12)
- Learning & teaching material
- Teachers salary
+ Book bank for ~ 400 students (Age: 15+)


The children need a friendly and accessible introduction to education and schooling in a rural area that has a 30% literacy rate and where there hasn't been a tradition of school-going. The schooling provides an introduction to reading and familiarity with numbers and instills a love of learning. Without pre-primary education and preparation, a number of children find the step up to government primary schools an insurmountable barrier - a large proportion of these children are of illiterate parents who are unable to prepare them for primary school.
In addition,the coaching program helps students from economically weaker sections of society to cope up with the school work and compete with students from affluent families who can afford private tuitions or have educated parents to help them with their school work.
BGUS also operates a book bank that lends text books to students for the academic year. This program is very popular and benefits students even outside the project area of BGUS
Pre-primary education, coaching centres, book bank
The organization was founded on Feb 28, 1979. Their main education related activity has been sponsoring the education of poor village kids - They have helped over 1000 children in the last 10 years. They have also set up a book bank and a library.

Please refer to the ppt file for more details.

BGUS has also been active in other non educational activities, like soil testing, pisciculture, poultry training etc. For this, they have partnered with academic
institutions like IIT Kharagpur and Kalyani Univeristy.

In the past, BGUS has been funded by Christain Children Funds. Their budget for the year 2003-2004 was over 80 lakhs.

Previous stewards' contact info.:
Soumyadeb Mitra (Asha-UIUC)
Debapriya Mazumdar (Asha-UIUC)
The funding was for pre-primary school, coaching centres and book bank.
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