Mukti - Support Schools

Project Brief: Remedial Coaching centers to improve performance in school
Project Type: Tuition Centers (description)
Primary Focus: remedial education (description)

Secondary Focus: other

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Bangalore
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: Padmanava Sen
Project Partner(s): Sankar Halder
Other Contacts: Girish Ramaswamy
Project Address: , Purbasridharpur, Raidighi,24 Pargs(s),South 24 Parganas,
Tel: 011 91 33 24625544
Stewarding Chapter: Bangalore
May 2024BangaloreUSD 15453
Mar 2024BangaloreUSD 5186
Jul 2023NYC/NJUSD 25698
Jun 2023BangaloreUSD 9255
Apr 2023BangaloreUSD 15674
Feb 2023BangaloreUSD 5191
Aug 2022NYC/NJUSD 16834
Jul 2022BangaloreUSD 15284
Jul 2022YaleUSD 3821
Feb 2022BangaloreUSD 14907
Dec 2021NYC/NJUSD 7330
Dec 2021San DiegoUSD 16262
Dec 2021BangaloreUSD 3773
Aug 2021YaleUSD 3045
Nov 2020BangaloreUSD 7057
Oct 2020YaleUSD 836
Sep 2020SeattleUSD 17731
Aug 2020YaleUSD 3013
Jun 2020YaleUSD 19935
Nov 2019NYC/NJUSD 10997
Aug 2019NYC/NJUSD 6970
May 2019YaleUSD 8580
Nov 2018YaleUSD 9653
Aug 2018NYC/NJUSD 14596
Aug 2017YaleUSD 9881
Jul 2017NYC/NJUSD 14700
Nov 2016YaleUSD 23709
Jun 2016NYC/NJUSD 11145
May 2016YaleUSD 8017
Oct 2015NYC/NJUSD 12940
Jun 2015YaleUSD 7182
Nov 2014NYC/NJUSD 11862
Nov 2014YaleUSD 5063
Nov 2013YaleUSD 4413
Nov 2013NYC/NJUSD 11015
Nov 2012YaleUSD 13000
Nov 2012NYC/NJUSD 12186
Oct 2012YaleUSD 4000
Jan 2012YaleUSD 4063
Nov 2011NYC/NJUSD 12590
Oct 2011YaleUSD 4000
Nov 2010NYC/NJUSD 10106
May 2010YaleUSD 4000
Dec 2009YaleUSD 240
Mar 2009NYC/NJUSD 2690
Jan 2009YaleUSD 1451
Oct 2008YaleUSD 4000
Mar 2008YaleUSD 2000
Jan 2007YaleUSD 1670
Dec 2007YaleUSD 2400
Dec 2006YaleUSD 200

Total = $455604

Asha-Yale has been supporting the Mukti Coaching Centers since their inception. Asha-Yale currently supports the salaries for tutors at these coaching centers.
Mukti is employing local teachers to serve as tutors for children who attend local schools. The coaching centers have a good student to teacher ratio than the local schools, and therefore allow more individual interaction between student and teacher. The teachers themselves will be trained by experienced teachers from Calcutta and surrounding areas.It is hoped that these tution centers will result in better academic performance in the local schools. A smaller scale, but important goal, is to train and employ local educated youth.
Charitable and socio-economic development trust MUKTI was established in 2003 from the vision of a Sunderban native Sankar Halder. Sankar grew up in an underprivileged family
in the Sunderban and went through the trials and tribulations that people living in Sunderbans suffer through. Sankar decided to involve educated and energetic local youth to develop themselves and their communities through various developmental projects. This vision led to
the foundation of MUKTI.

MUKTI is registered under the Government of India Trust Act Section 64. It has an executive board who frame the policies and action items and pass down the action items to the ground level working committee. There are several different wings of the ground level working committee and every wing has several general members to implement the policies and work items of the board on the ground. A general body meeting is to be held every year. The executive board is elected for a two-year term, and will be dissolved and newly elected by and from the members by an electoral process.

MUKTIâ's mission is to implement programs for upliftment of the underprivileged, illiterate, poor and backward people of mainly the Sunderban region by way of motivation and human resources development thus building a self-reliant society by efficient and effective utilization of local resources and implementation of environmentally sound policies.

MUKTI's members are spread all over India and even outside India including the USA but MUKTI has an especially strong presence in the Sunderban area. We have more than 200
locals in the organization who are working for the sole development of the Sunderban region. Our working members are divided in to four wings: health, education, economic and cultural. All interested people with a vision of help and with a broad vision to work for the underprivileged are welcome to the group.
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