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Project Brief: Right Based approach towards child labour in kolkata &Bankura
Project Type: Alternative Education (description)
Primary Focus: children who are working (description)

Secondary Focus: other

Area: Urban
Supporting Chapter Contact: UFlorida
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: Poojitha Satti
Project Partner(s): Shampa Roy
Other Contacts: Abhinav Rungta
Project Address: , Trinita Society for Social Education and Health Research,19, Kankulia Road,kolkata,
Tel: 9433079313
Stewarding Chapter: UFlorida
Apr 2019UFloridaUSD 7216
Mar 2017UFloridaUSD 3577
Nov 2016UFloridaUSD 4406
Nov 2015UFloridaUSD 5530
Mar 2015UFloridaUSD 3713
Nov 2014AtlantaUSD 3267
Mar 2014UFloridaUSD 4625
Aug 2013AtlantaUSD 1578
May 2013AtlantaUSD 3642
Nov 2012AtlantaUSD 3400
Aug 2012AtlantaUSD 1850
Jul 2012AtlantaUSD 4000
Dec 2011UFloridaUSD 4800
Aug 2011AtlantaUSD 4050
Apr 2011AtlantaUSD 2200
Aug 2010UFloridaUSD 3000
Jun 2010AtlantaUSD 3500
Dec 2009UFloridaUSD 2500
Jun 2009AtlantaUSD 3500
Sep 2008AtlantaUSD 1500
Apr 2008AtlantaUSD 3500
Feb 2007AtlantaUSD 2660

Total = $78014

The project is started to implement right Based approach towards child labour in kolkata &Bankura.For first two years, 100 children working in leather sector in Topsia are supported.

Since 2009, 200 marginalized girls in Tiljala, Topsia and Ultadanga area are supported.

Right Based approach towards child labour in kolkata &Bankura
The motivation for starting the group was inspired by the need to help of poor people living in the slums the appalling conditions of health and education in the slums of Kolkata, Howrah and neighbouring areas as also in the district towns inspired a group of women social activists to form a group to work for uplifting the conditions of these poor people in the distress,.

In the eastern part of Kolkata the people live in these slums to earn their livelihood by working as daily wage earner, labour, commodity seller, maid servant, rag-picker, van and rickshaw puller, etc. due to acute economic crises their priorities are disorder, literacy rate is very low, lack of awareness on their basic needs, unemployment, youth are frustrated and they lead some anti-social life. The low social status of women and children coupled with unsanitary and unsafe living conditions which live makes the children are very vulnerable physically, socially and economically, under these circumstances, there is desperate and need for extending integrated package of intervention specially focused on the children (without school) in order to improve their condition and provide them with an opportunity for a better life. Trinita here trying to lead them a constructive and a peaceful sustainable life.
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