Nishtha - Night Shelter

Project Brief: Nishtha is providing alternative education to children of sex workers. The aim of this project is to financially support their infrastructure.
Project Type: Support a Child (description)
Primary Focus: children of sex workers (description)

Secondary Focus: other

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Atlanta
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: Padmanava Sen
Project Partner(s): Mina Das
Other Contacts: Abhyuday Mandal
Tel: 091-033-2433 9865
Stewarding Chapter: Atlanta
Sep 2020NYC/NJUSD 3838
Sep 2020AtlantaUSD 3855
Oct 2019AtlantaUSD 8569
Apr 2019AthensUSD 1016
May 2018AtlantaUSD 5674
May 2017AtlantaUSD 471
Apr 2017AtlantaUSD 6131
Sep 2016AtlantaUSD 483
Apr 2016AtlantaUSD 5804
Oct 2015NYC/NJUSD 3344
Jun 2015AtlantaUSD 684
Jun 2015AtlantaUSD 3431
Mar 2015AtlantaUSD 219
May 2014NYC/NJUSD 2863
Apr 2014AtlantaUSD 2918
Oct 2013AtlantaUSD 16545
Sep 2013AtlantaUSD 1068
Apr 2013AtlantaUSD 6502
Jun 2012AtlantaUSD 5500
Feb 2012AtlantaUSD 1150
Dec 2011AtlantaUSD 3000
Oct 2011Work an HourUSD 11558
Oct 2011AtlantaUSD 7619
Mar 2011AtlantaUSD 1500
Dec 2010AtlantaUSD 3000
Mar 2010AtlantaUSD 1750
Jun 2009AtlantaUSD 3000
Sep 2008AtlantaUSD 4200
Oct 2007AtlantaUSD 2500
Dec 2006AtlantaUSD 1000
Dec 2006AtlantaUSD 3000

Total = $122192

Nishtha is providing alternative education to children of sex workers. The aim of this project is to financially support their infrastructure for a Night Shelter (30-50 children). Currently, Asha Atlanta, Athens, Asha Athens and Asha NYC/NJ support this project. Girish Ramaswamy is the NYC/NJ steward of this project.

Apart from Night shelter support, donors can support 10 girl students from marginalized community via the Sponsor a Student program.
You can support a student from this project for $30 a month. Partial support also welcome.
The rehabilitation and education of at-risk children born in the red light area of Baruipur, West Bengal. In the absence of this shelter, these children had no hope of a normal childhood and grew up to inevitably be ensnared in the vicious cycle of the sex trade. They now are being brought into the mainstream with formal education, care and nurturing.
In the remote village Baikunthapur of South 24 Parganas girl children and women were often deserted and became victims of exploitation, torture and violence. The condition of the children, particularly the girl children was equally distressing. Very few of them could get chance to go to school. In the year 1974 five women of this village were thrown out of their in-laws' house and two other women committed suicide driven by the torture in their in-laws house. This prompted Mrs. Pritilata Das and some other sensitive women to form a group called NISHTHA. Their aim is to empower women and children.
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