Suyam Charitable Trust - Siragu Montessori School

Project Brief:
Project Type: Community Based Interventions (description)
Primary Focus: children from slums (description)

Secondary Focus: children of migrant workers

Area: Urban
Supporting Chapter Contact: Cleveland
Status: completed - requirements ended
Project Steward: Sandeepa Koli
Project Partner(s): Uma V
Other Contacts: Muthu ram
Project Address: , Old No.5, New No.26, II Floor,,Zinda Street, Kondithope,,Avadi,
TAMIL NADU  600 079
Tel: 09444404822
Stewarding Chapter: Cleveland
Jul 2014ClevelandUSD 2016
Jun 2013MunichUSD 4781
Apr 2013ClevelandUSD 6065
Aug 2012ClevelandUSD 6000
Apr 2012MunichUSD 6600
Feb 2012ClevelandUSD 7596
Nov 2011MunichUSD 6600
Jul 2011MunichUSD 1700
May 2011ClevelandUSD 6000
Oct 2010MunichUSD 2090
Jun 2010ClevelandUSD 2760
Jun 2010MunichUSD 2090
Apr 2010ClevelandUSD 3000
Apr 2010MunichUSD 2090
Dec 2009MunichUSD 1393
Oct 2009MunichUSD 1393
Sep 2009MunichUSD 1393
Aug 2009MunichUSD 1115
Feb 2009ClevelandUSD 2500
Jan 2008ClevelandUSD 3105
May 2007ClevelandUSD 667
Apr 2006ClevelandINR 117000
Apr 2005ClevelandUSD 2667

Total = $76171.6

* Overview:
Siragu Montessori School was started by Uma and Muthuram, to provide quality education and rehabilitation for children begging on the streets and pavements of parts in and around Chennai, free of cost. For generations, these communities have never had any real opportunity to break out of their situation, make education a priority or pursue a sustainable source of livelihood. Siragu was therefore started in 2003 with the aim to reach out to the most underprivileged, equip them with competent education and open doors for these children who would otherwise have been lost to begging on the streets, child labour, child marriage, homelessness and another generation of missed opportunities.

Since most of the children at the school have no other place to go to, the classrooms at Siragu double up as a safe and sanitary place of residence for more than 150 of them. The school currently educated over 400 children and has 35 teaching staff and 17 non-teaching staff.

Education at Siragu
Siragu currently educates over 400 children from KG-1 to Std 8. Children passing out of class 8 are provided with training specifically catered to appear for various entrance exams conducted at state, national and international levels. Since the school currently does not have the facilities to provided quality education for Stds 11 and 12, a special provision has been arranged for in the neighboring private schools to admit children completing the common entrance exams at Std 10 level from Siragu. This way the complete schooling is ensured for every child at Siragu.

Siragu has adopted the Montessori method of teaching, four-corner method of listening, reading, writing and creativity. This method coupled with efficient usage of learning materials by the teachers at Siragu has helped made going to school for these kids, not just beneficial but also fun. In addition to academic curriculum, ample importance is also given to sports, martial arts, yoga, music, dance and creative and practical learning. The children are encouraged to take part in a variety of extra-curricular and co-curricular competitions to hone their skills. These techniques along with daily school-van pick up services and 3 nutritious meals provided by Siragu has helped massively in bringing down drop-out rates, preventing kids from reverting to begging and encouraging neighboring communities to make educating their children a priority.

Siragu has an open admission policy and children are taken in all year-round, further encouraging them to join school. Perhaps the most commendable aspect of the team at Siragu is that despite severe short-falls in funding sources and faculty, in no way do they compromise on providing wholesome and quality education to the kids in the school.

* Main Challenges
1. Infrastructure (stable buildings and classrooms, uniforms, monthly stationary and education material) to support growing no. of students in school

2. Constant, recurring and reliable sources of funding to support operating costs such as teacher and staff salaries, van expenses, construction needs, education material etc.

3. Source of administration support for financial advice, school building construction, quality English and Computer education

4. Drop-out rates of students, reverting to begging etc.- which have however almost completely put an end to

5. Convincing parents to make education of their kids a priority

6. With respect to construction of buildings, constant source of funding for the duration of construction in order to complete it as per plan without compromises due to inflation in cost price.

Success Stories
Siragu was started for kids primarily belonging to communities where begging was the only source of livelihood. Making the kids join as well as regularly attend school was therefore a major challenge. Today, all of the 125 students who stay at the Siragu home have completely quit begging and have grown into talented, all-rounded individuals equipped for a great future. The stories of some of Siragu's many bright young minds are as follows:

C.Jayavel: Jayavel has become a role model to the begging community he once belonged to. He is one of the brightest students we have seen in Siragu so far. After studying in Siragu until class X, he appeared for the IGSCE exam conducted by Cambridge University this year, and we are extremely hopeful of Jayavel procuring high grades. He has also appeared for various international Olympiad exams and NIOS exams and fared well. He has completed 4 levels in Hindi proficiency exams conducted by Hindi Prachara Sabha. He is also well noted and awarded for his excellent communication skills. In appreciation of his past record, Vellammal Higher Secondary School, one of the most reputed schools in Chennai has admitted him for completing his high school education with full scholarship. The young achiever wants to become a computer engineer and help children from his community to get educated.

Nitheeshkumar: Niteeshkumar was one of the first students at Siragu. During the last eight years of his education at Siragu, he has not only honed is skills in academics and creative studies, but has also grown up to be an extremely responsible young adult. He has consistently scored above 85% in all exams at Siragu. One of his many assets are his is command over languages. He has been the recipient of many awards of Excellence in Elocution in English, conducted by Bhoomi Trust, Chennai and other essay-writing contests. He is also very proficient in Hindi, and like Jayavel, has completed 4 levels in Hindi Proficiency Exams. A highlight in his achievements is his selection in the Words-Worth International Spelling Bee Competition at the International level, after winning at various qualifying rounds at the national level. He is also preparing to participate in the American National Spelling Bee. Niteesh is currently preparing for IGCSE exam conducted by Cambridge University and intends to pursue a PhD. When he grows up, he wants to be a Professor and further the cause of Siragu for the betterment of the society.

E. Murugan: Murugan is also one of the first students to join Siragu. He comes from a greatly impoverished family that has been begging for generations. Murugan is also a bright student that has made Siragu proud with his growth. He was among the top 500 contestants at the International Science Olympiad with a score of 89.35%. He also participated in the Words Worth international spelling bee competition and completed proficiency tests by Hindi Prachara Sabha. Murugan wants to become a doctor when he grows up, while at the same time educating poor kids in need. Murugan's mother, Chinnamma, was able to send three of her seven children to school till she met with an accident, broke her hip bone and got caught in heavy "meter interest loan" to repay her medical bills. The children were forced to start selling small commodities at traffic signals to repay the debt. With the help of an individual donor, Siragu was able to pay her principal, so she could let her kids attend school instead. With her recovery, Chinnamma is slowly able to pay back Siragu without an interest being charged.

Siragu believes that no child must be denied quality education, however poor, however ill-exposed. Siragu also believes that the education provided should not be compromised in terms of quality, exposure and in breadth of knowledge provided. The phrase “Change Impossible to I-am-possible” sums up their overall goal. Children at Siragu are educated with the sole aim of nurturing all-rounded individuals who can become successful in various fields and sustain themselves. Siragu progresses towards achieving this goal by working on the following objectives:
1. Sustain a school that provides holistic, fun-filled, quality education that inspires the child to stay in school, complete education and become successful.
2. Meet the ICSE regulations and obtain their accredition for Siragu, which would include constructing a school with facilities to educate 400+ students within 2 acres of land.
3. To provide technical, non-technical and vocational training that would encourage every child to think for themselves, be creative and build confidence.
4. To stress upon value education and general awareness at every stage of the learning process.

Future Vision
Siragu’s immediate goal is to complete the construction of a stable building with sufficient classrooms for education from KG1 to 12 std with an ICSE accredition within the next 2 years (by 2013). Thay are currently also running a preliminary school in Vyasarpadi and would like to work towards making it a self-sustaining unit as well. Siragu’s mission is to provide quality and all-rounded education for each and every child to whom going to school has only been a dream.

Suyam Charitable Trust was formally registered under Trust Act in August 1999 by a group of young college students and social workers, who were deeply involved with various social service activities since 1987.

Suyam Charitable Trust works to:

* To network with likeminded groups and institutions to multiply development impact.

* To Promote awareness among public.

* To Conduct special programs for downtrodden people.

* To bring out, encourage and develop the hidden skills of pupils, teachers.

* To help the old, disabled, destitute, handicapped and poor people who are the inmates of various homes in Tamil Nadu.

* To work for eradicating Aids by organizing and conducting Aids Awareness Camps.

* To organize Camp, Training Programs in order to develop Creativity,
Personality and Scientific outlook among students & etc.

* Support youth in education and career guidance.

* Develop in the youth a social consciousness.

* Ameliorate the suffering of individuals in distress.

* Work with communities in poverty and improve their lives.
Tel No.: +914425204822
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