Tomorrows Foundation

Project Brief: Sponsor A Child Program with Tomorrow's Foundation
Project Type: Support a Child (description)
Primary Focus: children from slums (description)

Secondary Focus: children of sex workers

Area: Urban
Supporting Chapter Contact: Silicon Valley
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: Gauri Jog
Project Partner(s): Swapna Banerjee
Other Contacts: Reshu Jain
Project Address: , 417, Hossenpur,,,Kolkata,
Tel: 011-91-3324431520
Stewarding Chapter: Silicon Valley
Nov 2018Silicon ValleyUSD 11084
Apr 2018Silicon ValleyUSD 9682
Oct 2017Silicon ValleyUSD 9825
Aug 2016Silicon ValleyUSD 19123
Oct 2015Silicon ValleyUSD 14366
Jul 2014Silicon ValleyUSD 14364
Feb 2014Silicon ValleyUSD 6753
Sep 2013Silicon ValleyUSD 6371
Feb 2013Silicon ValleyUSD 7174
Aug 2012Silicon ValleyUSD 6999
Feb 2012Silicon ValleyUSD 7400
Jul 2011Silicon ValleyUSD 8076
Mar 2011Silicon ValleyUSD 8105
Oct 2010Silicon ValleyUSD 8159
Oct 2009Silicon ValleyUSD 7228
Oct 2009Silicon ValleyUSD 7228
Dec 2008Silicon ValleyUSD 8291
Sep 2008Silicon ValleyUSD 4300
Sep 2008Silicon ValleyUSD 2807
Aug 2008Silicon ValleyUSD 2369
Jan 2008Silicon ValleyUSD 9503
Jul 2007Silicon ValleyUSD 8212
Nov 2006Silicon ValleyUSD 9400

Total = $196819

Tomorrow's Foundation (TF) is an NGO with whom Asha has been working for eight years as part of the Street to School Project. TF provides holistic education to street/slum children living in a high-risk social and physical environment at Kalighat, Kolkata's red light district.

Tomorrow's Foundation started by adopting Dharamdas Trust Model School, Kalighat. The range of activities expanded from modest after school classes for children to medical support, nutrition, rehabilitation and hostel placement, psychological and career counseling, vocational training, and adult education. For children who cannot complete the formal ten years of schooling, the Foundation trains and helps them take Open School Exam that is equivalent to Std. X board exam. Tomorrow's Foundation staff regularly visits the children's homes and schools regularly to ensure greater community involvement. The project currently supports 200 children. Approximately 1200 children have graduated from the Foundation school. No wonder it is a UNESCO model project!

Support A Child. Enrich a Life !
You can support a student from this project for $20 a month.
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TF Stars project is a partnership between Asha and Tomorrow's Foundation to provide educational and other support to children living in the high-risk area around Kalighat temple in Kolkata. Students at the TF Stars project receive:
  • School tuition, uniforms and hostel through other organizations
  • Educational material and books
  • Career counseling and vocational training
  • Mental and physical healthcare, and crisis support
  • Support from primary school through college
Location: Kalighat, Kolkata
Staff: The total strength is 54. The staff includes: Primary school teachers, Pre-vocational class teachers, Cultural class teachers, Open school teachers, Adult education teachers, Administrative Staff, and Assistants. The organization is structured in terms of cells, each of which is headed by one Foundation?s staff member who is helped by one or more assistants who are also from Foundation.

EDUCATION CELL: T.F. ensures good academic performance of children by holding regular exams and special classes. Constant feedback is given to both the children and the parents.

TFCP CELL: Tomorrow's Foundation Card Project cell provides prevocations and vocational training to children. Activities include greeting cards, lamp shades etc.

MEDICAL CELL: - T.F. looks after the physical health of every child, providing them nutritional diet, medical assistance. Medical assistance is in the form of visits to medical and dental camps twice a year, and follow-up in cases of complications.

COUNSELLING CELL:- T.F. has teams to coordinate home visits, provide psychological and career counseling.

REHABILITATION AND HOSTEL PLACEMENT CELL: - Prompt rehabilitated is provided to street children, children in distress due to social or domestic problems, and victims of sexual abuse. For this the Foundation collaborates with organizations such as Satyabharati, Milt Foundation and Khelaghar.

REGULAR HOME VISIT: - T.F. works closely with the local school to identify absentee children and take corrective action through regular home visits and addressing any particular health or other needs.

ADULT EDUCATION CELL: -T.F. not only takes care of the children but has also become involved with their parents with the active support of these parents the Adult Education classes are being taken place every Saturday and Sunday where the parents are being taught basis knowledge of writing and reading along with lessons of how to bring up their children.

SPONSORSHIP CELL:- This cell is responsible for the support a child program from the Foundation's side.

Other activities include child rights advocacy, NGO co-ordination and those related to publicity.
Mrs. Swapna Banerjee is the sponsorship coordinator from TF's end.
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