Prabodhini Trust

Project Brief: Prabodhini Trust is an institution for mentally challenged children based in Nasik which aims to educate mentally challenged children and inculcates their talents so that they can become a part of society.
Project Type: Children with Disabilities (description)
Primary Focus: children with disabilities (description)

Secondary Focus: other

Area: Urban
Supporting Chapter Contact: CentralNJ
Status: completed - requirements ended
Project Steward: Sarika Phadke
Project Partner(s): Vaidehi Deshpande
Other Contacts:
Project Address: , X -1, Rathi Chowk,Satpur,Nasik,
Tel: (0253) 25351880
Stewarding Chapter: CentralNJ
Dec 2006CentralNJUSD 5000

Total = $5000

On 1st Jan 1977 the work of the Probhodhini trust took the first step in the development of Mentally Challenged Individuals.This work was initiated by Mrs.Rajani Limaye along with Dr.Shirish Sule(Psychiatrist) and Mrs.Kamalabai Sarada. They had to undergo many problems in the initial years.But with the support and the directions given by the well-wishers,donors and colleagues all the obstacles were overcome.Today under Probhodhini trust 350 mentally challenged individuals are getting trained for a life they can lead with dignity and self respect. Today the trust is recognized by the Government of India. Some of the activities are supported by the Government as well.

Probhodhini Sheltered Workshop:
--A Training and Rehabilitation center for adult mentally challenged Individuals.
--Most of the mentally challenged individuals often have some other disability as well. Hence it is quite challenging to evaluate what type of tasks the student should be trained on.

Objectives of the Workshop:
--Vocational training as per the cognitive, physical and mental ability of the individual - Simple & Repetitive tasks
--Opportunity to work
--Making them self sufficient and independent.
--Making them a productive and important part of the family and the society.

--The workshop gives students a sense of creation which makes them independent and gives them confidence and happiness.
--The students are remunerated with an amount ranging from Rs 50/ to Rs 250/month depending on their ability. This amount is deposited in the bank on their account. The money they earn gives them a social standing in the family.
--Equal importance is given to the development of the Social Skills among students such as identifying amount of money, doing simple calculations, behaving in the public and in work places. Also Manners and social etiquettes are taught. All of this leads to self-confidence which enhances their inborn qualities. To support this various therapies are used
--Almost in all exhibitions in the city, the workshop participates to exhibit different products made by the students. This makes people aware of the abilities of these Mentally Retarded individuals.
--The Workshop ensures that the family is also involved in the process of rehabilitation
--For all students who get trained in the workshop, special emphasis is given to rehabilitate them back in the society. Till now 27 students have been rehabilitated. They now earn monthly, from Rs 500 to Rs 4000 .All these students are working very successfully and the workshop keeps a follow up of them.
--Some examples of students working off-workshop: Gas-stations, Tea-Coffee Vending machine, STD Booths, Simple job-work at small scale work shops.