Asha Trust - Asha Chennai Scholarships

Project Brief: ASHA Chennai aims to fund school/college fees, cost of uniform and books for children from underprivileged background
Project Type: Support a Child (description)
Primary Focus: to go to formal school (description)

Secondary Focus: to go to formal school

Area: Urban
Supporting Chapter Contact: Chennai
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: Venkataraman Muthukrishnan
Project Partner(s): Kasturi Easwaran
Other Contacts: Venkataraman Muthukrishnan
Project Address: , First Floor, 85/2, Luz Avenue, Mylapore, Chennai 600004,Near Nageswara rao park,chennai,
TAMIL NADU  600004
Tel: 91 94455-74295
Stewarding Chapter: Chennai
Aug 2022ChennaiUSD 22771
Apr 2022ChennaiUSD 4030
Jul 2021ChennaiUSD 21574
Jun 2021ChennaiUSD 3017
May 2021ChennaiINR 19576
Sep 2020ChennaiUSD 14867
May 2020ChennaiUSD 5290
Sep 2019ChennaiUSD 22622
Jun 2018ChennaiUSD 56239
May 2017ChennaiINR 266482
Oct 2016ChennaiUSD 30373
May 2016ChennaiINR 349022
Oct 2015ChennaiUSD 15594
May 2015ChennaiUSD 25474
May 2015ChennaiINR 221189
Feb 2014ChennaiUSD 10986
Nov 2013ChennaiUSD 9050
Mar 2013ChennaiUSD 16513
Jul 2012ChennaiUSD 17474
Oct 2011ChennaiUSD 6226
Jul 2011ChennaiUSD 5489
Jul 2011ChennaiUSD 5048
Nov 2010ChennaiUSD 6466
Jun 2010ChennaiUSD 16000
Aug 2009ChennaiUSD 9890
Nov 2008ChennaiUSD 12226
Jun 2008ChennaiUSD 3174
Dec 2007ChennaiUSD 4893
Nov 2007ChennaiUSD 7583
Jul 2007ChennaiUSD 7374
Dec 2006ChennaiUSD 12415
Jun 2006ChennaiUSD 6541

Total = $397865.6642

While many of the projects of Asha-Chennai focus on helping schools that educate under-privileged children, we felt there is also a need to help the under-privileged children who attend other schools and colleges spread all over the city and in rural TamilNadu. In addition to providing financial assistance to these children we believe that Asha volunteers provide valuable mentoring to these children.

To this end the Asha Scholarships project aims to fund the school/college fees and cost of uniform and books for children from 1st standard to college (LKG and UKG in exceptional cases). The children should be from under-privileged background.

The Asha Scholarship Guidelines (shown in the document section) provides detailed criteria by which the children are chosen.

Purpose / Goals
  • Reach a wide and diverse cross-section of children spread over Chennai and rural TamilNadu.
  • Provide active mentoring and funding to empower the children in their holistic development and be responsible citizens.
Support - a - Child
Asha Chennai launched Support-A-Child program to support Asha Scholarships students. As a sponsor under the support a child program, you can sponsor any number of children supported by Asha-Scholarships project. Your contribution would cover the education expenses for the number of children you have chosen (including school fees, books and uniforms). Further Asha Chennai volunteers and other people chosen by Asha Chennai would provide mentorship to the selected children. The intention of Asha Scholarships project is to empower the children to complete their basic education and become fully functional adults.

As an SAC sponsor, the following information/support would be provided to you by Asha-Chennai:
  1. Information we collect about the student including school/college and economic background will be put up in the web page.

  2. We would provide a general progress report once a year for school and college students that would include nominator/scholarship group's statement on the progress of and the challenges facing the student.

Please note that under the new rules for Asha for Education, the donors cannot select a specific student for sponsorship. The donations have to be made generally to the project. However, donors can still receive reports for specific students they choose.

To sponsor a child, please do one of the following:

  • Note the amount required under the different categories of students (College – 20000, 11th and 12th – Rs 17,000, Classes 1 to 10 – Rs 12,000.) These are children we have already decided to sponsor based on our estimate of our ability to raise funds. We always have several pending cases.

  • Donate online using your credit card at our online donations page. You can reach this by clicking on the "Donate to this project" button above.

  • If you would like to donate by cheque or have any questions about this project, please send an E-mail to Asha Chennai SAC at
Asha for Education is a secular organization dedicated to change in India by focusing on basic education in the belief that education is a critical requisite for socio-economic change. In keeping with this focus, our volunteers are involved with and support projects that are secular and have an education-related component to them.
Asha for Education is a secular organization dedicated to change in India by focusing on basic education in the belief that education is a critical requisite for socio-economic change. In keeping with this focus, our volunteers are involved with and support projects that are secular and have an education-related component to them.
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