Sshrishti Learning Center

Project Brief: Sshrishti Learning Centre caters to children in Kishangarh and slums near B-5/6 sectors of Vasant Kunj, New Delhi. The students are children of migrant laborers and domestic help in the area.
Project Type: Formal Schools (description)
Primary Focus: children of migrant workers (description)

Secondary Focus: remedial education

Area: Urban
Supporting Chapter Contact: Silicon Valley
Status: completed - sustainable
Project Steward:
Project Partner(s): Sanghamitra Bose
Other Contacts:
Project Address: , Project: Rz-3, B/9, Kishangarh, Vasant Kunj,Office: 108- B/9, 1st Floor, Kishangarh, Vasant Kunj,New Delhi,
DELHI  110 070
Tel: +91 93137-48115 (more below)
Stewarding Chapter: Silicon Valley
Sep 2013Silicon ValleyUSD 5740
Feb 2013Silicon ValleyUSD 6850
Mar 2012Silicon ValleyUSD 7800
Aug 2011Silicon ValleyUSD 8450
Mar 2011Silicon ValleyUSD 10900
Oct 2010Silicon ValleyUSD 11000
Jan 2010Silicon ValleyUSD 8900
Jun 2009BerkeleyUSD 2000
May 2009Silicon ValleyUSD 9479
Dec 2008BerkeleyUSD 3600
Dec 2006BerkeleyUSD 4000

Total = $78719

Sshrishti Learning Center UKG Class
[This project's funding from Asha's side is closed. Last funds were sent in Sep 2013. If you'd like to contribute to this project or NGO, please contact Sshrishti directly at the contact information to the left and below.]
Sshrishti Learning Center provides UKG to Class III NCERT-syllabus based education to about 100 children in Kishangarh and slums near B-5/6 sectors of Vasant Kunj, New Delhi. English, Hindi, mathematics, environmental sciences, and computers are taught. Students are also exposed to music, dance, recitation, sports, theater, general knowledge, etc. Milk and mid-day meals are served everyday. After graduation, children are admitted into nearby government schools.

The students are from families of migrant workers. Their fathers either work as daily wage laborers in building and road construction projects, or as plumbers and electricians. Most of them are able to write their names and some of them can read. The mothers work as domestic help and are generally illiterate.

This project is currently funded by the Silicon Valley chapter of Asha for Education. Initial funding (2006-09) was provided by the Berkeley chapter.

To provide holistic primary schooling using modern teaching methods to underprivileged children so that they can continue with further education in government schools.

Sshrishti is a registered non-governmental organization in existence since 2003. It was started as a response to the needs of the children of a local slum. The effort was started with a few children assembling every evening in the living room of the founding member. It continued operating from there for almost a year and shifted to its own rented premises on Sept. 2004. Now, Sshrishti is a credible NGO enjoying accreditation from agencies both in India and abroad. It runs four learning centers in Delhi and six computer centers in various regions of rural India.

Initiatives and Activities
  • Ladli: Nursery, LKG schooling for children in the age group of 3 1/2 to 10 who've never been to school. Efforts are made to give individual attention to the children so that they learn fast and cover the gaps in their education.
  • Learning Center: The follow-on to Ladli. Only this component is (partially) funded by Asha. See Project Description above.
  • Remedial Classes: Classes are held in the afternoon for children studying in government or MCD run schools. Class I to VI. Age group 5-16 yrs.
  • Other: Ladli Jai Hind, Kanya Vidyalay, Bal Siksha, 6 computer centers.
  • Mid-day meal is provided to the children of the morning and afternoon sessions. Periodic health checkups are organized. Uniforms are provided and all major festivals & national days are celebrated in the schools.

Mission Statement
  • Vision: To make a literate India where each child has equal opportunities and enjoys their childhood with love and laughter, learning, and preparing for a life of dignity.
  • To bridge the educational divide through modern learning centers, which will meet the specific needs of under-served children.
  • To bridge the digital divide that exists between the impoverished remote villages and the cities by opening computer centers in villages.
  • To fight social inequity and ensure each child gets his or her birthright.
  • To provide through our Learning Centers educational and recreational facilities of high quality, this will help in holistic development of the children and make learning a joyous experience.
  • To prevent children from dropping out of school, by offering them guidance and remedial studies.
  • To offer vocational training to make them self-sufficient.
  • To counsel families of our students on issues of health, hygiene, nutrition and environment.
  • To provide health care through regular check up by doctors.
  • To provide opportunities for educational trips and cultural experiences.
  • To assimilate our students in the government schools and continue to provide support through remedial studies.

Additional Phone: +91 98102-03491
Old Address (Sep 2011): 266 P4, Ward No. 2, Mehrauli (Near Gaushala Mandir, Kishangarh, Vasant Kunj)
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