Gram Vikas Trust

Project Brief: Gram Vikas Trust known as GVT is a non-profit organization established in the year 1999.. Asha Dallas is evaluating to support Balwadi education at Dahej and Kadodara.
Project Type: Pre-Primary (description)
Primary Focus: children of migrant workers (description)

Secondary Focus: to go to formal school

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Dallas
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: Dhwanil Shukla
Project Partner(s): Ramesh Kasondra
Other Contacts: Anuradha Bulusu
Project Address: , A-18 Pushpadhan Bungalows,Link Road Near HFDC Bank,Bharuch,
GUJARAT  392001
Tel: 011-91-9662006293
Stewarding Chapter: Dallas
Apr 2024AtlantaUSD 23906
May 2023DallasUSD 12858
May 2023AtlantaUSD 24247
Mar 2023CanadaCAD 2450
Jan 2023CanadaCAD 82
Aug 2022AtlantaUSD 3816
Jul 2022DallasUSD 10729
Apr 2022AtlantaUSD 7104
Aug 2021DallasUSD 14094
Aug 2021AtlantaUSD 2028
May 2021AtlantaUSD 5533
Jun 2020DallasUSD 13265
Apr 2020AtlantaUSD 5394
Sep 2019AtlantaUSD 9490
May 2019AtlantaUSD 6671
May 2019DallasUSD 12562
Jul 2018DallasUSD 12023
Apr 2018AtlantaUSD 25111
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May 2017DallasUSD 8227
Jun 2016AtlantaUSD 3375
Apr 2016AtlantaUSD 13778
Aug 2015SheffieldUSD 2178
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Feb 2015DallasUSD 6335
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Feb 2014SheffieldUSD 1146
Dec 2013DallasUSD 6164
May 2013AtlantaUSD 2262
Feb 2013AtlantaUSD 2000
Dec 2012SheffieldGBP 700
Jun 2012AtlantaUSD 2400
Jun 2011DallasUSD 5520
Mar 2011AtlantaUSD 1000
Mar 2010DallasUSD 5000
Dec 2009DallasUSD 4000
Feb 2009DallasUSD 4883
Nov 2008Work an HourUSD 2605
Aug 2008Work an HourUSD 7100
Feb 2008DallasUSD 5387
Jun 2007CentralNJUSD 5500
Aug 2006CentralNJUSD 5100
Jul 2006CentralNJUSD 8000
Jun 2006DallasUSD 5000
Apr 2006CentralNJUSD 2000

Total = $362541.418

The main goal of Gram Vikas Trust is to help improve the social and economic conditions of the population in drought prone Bharuch and Narmada districts of Gujarat. They believe that their goal can be achieved mainly through education which creates awareness and enhances self development, action and empowerment.

The population predominantly consists of farmers. The area is extremely drought prone and the soil quality is also very poor. The ground water levels are too low. Under such extreme environmental conditions the farmers end up growing only one crop a year. This again depends entirely on the yearly monsoons as there are no other sources of irrigation. When there is no farming possible the farmers are forced to work for wages by migrating to nearby mines and factories. Such situations have led to very low literacy rates and high drop outs from schools in this region.

Gram Vikas Trust is slowly changing this scenario and one of their focuses is building balwadis in many villages and encouraging children to go to school.

Self sustenance: The government usually takes over and supports these balwadis after three years of operation. All the initial effort is done by GVT, as the government is not ready to take up the initiative for such an approach.

Support a Child program: GVT also chooses children based on need and merit and provide them with scholarships from Asha’s Support a Child program. A committee consisting of the village leader, teachers, school principal and a representative from GVT choose children based on the following for the program:

1. He/She should be from Below Poverty Line Family (BPL) whose income is not more than 3000Rs per year.
2. The attendance of the children in school should be more than 80 %.
3. The students rank is from 1st to 10th in the class.
4. The committee will decide the selection of adoption and that is final.
There is no caste involved.

The students are from the villages of Vagra block of Bharuch district and most of the villages are within a radius of 15 to 20 KM.

Check out some of the photos of the Balwadis and primary schools.

Since 2012, Asha Sheffield has become co-steward of the project supporting one school under "Sikshana" project of Gram Vikas Trust for various activities including education materials, parateachers, scholarships, TLMs, mentoring and monitoring. From 2015 onwards, Sheffield chapter has started supporting two schools under "Sikshana" project. Please contact Sachin Prabhu (s.prabhu AT sheffield DOT ac DOT uk) for any questions regarding this aspect of the project.
1) To provide pre-primary education in Bharuch district - Dahej, Kadodara and Lakhigam villages through construction of Balwadis and through Support a Child program.

2) To provide BiCycles to Girl students so that they can continue their education (distance to School is one of the main factors for drop outs)

3) Sikshana Model to work different Schools
Gram Vikas Trust , Bharuch known as GVT is a non – profit, Non-Government Organization established in the year 1999. The organization is working in Vagra and Nandod blocks of Bharuch district and other economically vulnerable geographical regions of Gujarat.

In 1998 two members of AKRSP decided to set up an organization for stimulating development action. Under the legal entity of Gram Vikas Trust, a process of building the local team was initiated. GVT was started with an overview of evolving information and making linkage between the villagers and government. The organization also undertook base line survey in 1998-99 to acquaint itself with the resources in the coastal villages and that of low literacy rate (37%), poor health care, and unemployment. These surveys helped in identifying priority areas where the organization could begin its work and expand. Accordingly focus areas were identified as Education, Health, Natural Resource Management and Women empowerment.
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