Project Brief: Basic Education to Children of Scheduled Tribe Community
Project Type: Formal Schools (description)
Primary Focus: children of dalits/tribals (description)

Secondary Focus: dropouts

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Cleveland
Status: completed - requirements ended
Project Steward: Divya Sridhar
Project Partner(s): Dr Narendra Gupta
Other Contacts:
Project Address: , B -8, Bapu Nagar, Senthi, Chittorgarh,,,
Tel: 91-1472-243788
Stewarding Chapter: Cleveland
Mar 2008PrincetonUSD 2151
Jan 2008ClevelandUSD 2671
Jun 2007ClevelandUSD 5081
Mar 2006ClevelandUSD 6003

Total = $15906

The project aims to provide good quality primary education to chidren of the tribal and the Dalit , sections of the population. The education project, under the universalisation of education was started in 1979 with the establishment of 16 schools. Government schools replaced all but 8 schools started by Prayas, and the Schools run by Prayas continued to run in the periphery of the Chittorgargh and Devgrah districts.

The pedagogy would aim towards that learning needs are integrated fully with socialization of the child in family and community besides enhancement in literary skills. Villages of project area are located in scheduled tribal sub plan block Pratapgarh of Chittorgarh Dt. in Rajasthan. After completion of primary education, all children will be encouraged to pursue higher education. If required, monetary support for higher education will be mobilized from government schemes.

The education system after its re-establishment of 6 schools, continues to perform its tasks. Due to popular pressure and help from the community, a 7th school was added to list, a new one for the Gothada village, serving another 20 enthusiastic students.

One of the direct outcomes of this project has been the reduced incidences of girl child marriages, due to improved literacy and education
Although the mission of the organization itself is to promote community awareness by initiating a varied activities, targeted towards development, the education component strives to achieve the following -

1. Increase awareness and empowerment through education
2. Provide secure future for children through education
3. Increase the retention of children in schools, especially girls
Working in fields of health, gender equity, community awareness, micro-credit and alternate employment programes, natural resource management, and education, Prayas has earned the trust of the communities in the tribal part of Chittorgarh district in South Rajasthan for last 25 years.

Ensuring access to quality education for tribal children has figured high on the development agenda of Prayas since the very beginning. There also exists a high demand for education amongst the target group that sees it as the vehicle for their economic and social empowerment.