Sandnya Sanwardhan Sanstha

Project Brief: Sandnya Sanwardhan Sanstha is an institute dedicated to serve mentally disabled children, whom the organization refers to as "differently-abled" children. Supporting Asha chapters - Athens, NYCNJ, Silicon Valley.
Project Type: Children with Disabilities (description)
Primary Focus: children with disabilities (description)

Secondary Focus: girls

Area: Urban
Supporting Chapter Contact: Athens
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: Abhyuday Mandal
Project Partner(s): Rajeshwar Uttarwar
Other Contacts: Akshay Bhole
Project Address: , 18, Sawarkar Nagar Bus Stop,Khamla Road,Nagpur,
Tel: 011 91 2220173
Stewarding Chapter: Athens
Sep 2023PortlandUSD 10347
Sep 2023NYC/NJUSD 18259
Jun 2022PortlandUSD 10991
Jun 2022NYC/NJUSD 19396
Oct 2021NYC/NJUSD 10723
Oct 2021PortlandUSD 12282
Aug 2021NYC/NJUSD 9482
Jun 2021AthensUSD 10158
Sep 2020NYC/NJUSD 26635
Jul 2020PortlandUSD 16698
Oct 2019AthensUSD 523
Oct 2019PortlandUSD 17800
Jul 2019NYC/NJUSD 2392
Nov 2018PortlandUSD 12564
Sep 2018NYC/NJUSD 6416
Nov 2017PortlandUSD 3929
Sep 2017AthensUSD 23496
Nov 2016AthensUSD 7594
Oct 2016NYC/NJUSD 10597
Oct 2016AthensUSD 39547
Feb 2016NYC/NJUSD 18655
Oct 2015NYC/NJUSD 14109
Apr 2015AthensUSD 8812
Nov 2014NYC/NJUSD 6529
Nov 2014AthensUSD 4876
Mar 2014AtlantaUSD 1994
Mar 2014AthensUSD 8310
Mar 2013PhiladelphiaUSD 5326
Feb 2013AthensUSD 6000
Jan 2012AthensUSD 9000
Jul 2011PhiladelphiaUSD 5000
May 2011AthensUSD 3000
Apr 2010AthensUSD 5000
May 2009NYC/NJUSD 1000
Apr 2009AthensUSD 3000
Apr 2008AthensUSD 6000
Jan 2008NYC/NJUSD 12000
Sep 2007Silicon ValleyUSD 25000
Sep 2007AthensUSD 6000
Jun 2007AthensUSD 4000
Apr 2007Work an HourUSD 9924
Nov 2006Work an HourUSD 9923
Jun 2006AthensUSD 6000
Jan 2006AthensUSD 4000

Total = $453287

Sandnya Sanwardhan Sanstha provides service to 98 children who fall under 5 levels of mental disability - ranging from borderline to profound. Profoundly retarded children need 1-on-1 attention for them to do their daily tasks (like brushing their teeth, eating, etc.). More than 13 children in SSS fall under this category.

The Institute provides a range of services to the children, depending on their needs. These are:
Special Education, Speech Therapy, Physiotherapy, Music Therapy, Parents and Sibling Training, Learning through cultural programs, Sports and Yoga, Home-based training, Public Awareness, Vocational Training Rehabilitation, Parent Relief Center.

Mr Navin Deshpande of Sanndya recently gave a talk at Asha Athens. You can watch the recording here.

Currently, Asha Athens, Asha Portland and Asha NYC/NJ support this project. Sharda Sheshabhattar is the NYC/NJ steward of this project.
The institute has a staff of 48 (teaching and non-teaching staff). The staff:student ratio is about 1:2 but the teacher:student ratio is to about 1:4. High number of teaching & non-teaching staff is necessary as lot of students need one-on-one attention. Also, many children have physical disabilities which makes it necessary for the institute to have more non-teaching staff (helpers) who take care of every detailed need of the child while the child is at the institute.

As such SSS has a high recurring expenditure of staff salaries and addressing that is a matter of great concern for the institute. Staff retention is an area of great concern for the institute as similar institutes run by government pay much higher salaries (6th pay commission structure) than what the institute is able to pay its employees. As a result SSS requests Asha for Education in their proposal and budget to address expenditure line item of Staff Salary (for 2014-15 this is budgeted at Rs. 4,100,896)

This project is a likely candidate for Asha for Education's Support-A-Child program in the future.
Sandnya Sanwardhan Sanstha (SSS) is a research institute dedicated to the development and rehabilitation of the mentally disabled children. The uniqueness of this institute is that they are committed to help "differently-abled" children and their families, which means that they provide individual attention depending on the specific circumstances of the child.

Sandnya Sanwardhan Sanstha was started in 1993 in Nagpur, Maharashtra and has been dedicated in providing such service to about 100 children today. The institute now has its own school building at its campus "Sandnya Srushti" in the neighboring satellite township of Butibori, 25 kms from Nagpur and uses 3 of its own school buses(one of which was funded by Asha for Education) to ferry the children back and forth from their homes in Nagpur.

Currently, Asha Athens, Asha Portland and Asha NYC/NJ support this project. Sharda Sheshabhattar is the NYC/NJ steward of this project.

The project proposal was initially submitted to Asha-Delaware in 2003 and was finally taken up by Asha-Athens after being reviewed in the year, 2005
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