Kaorakhali Jana Sevashram

Project Brief: Children's Education: KAORAKHALI JANA SEVASHRAM
Project Type: Pre-Primary (description)
Primary Focus: children of dalits/tribals (description)

Secondary Focus: other

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Minnesota
Status: completed - requirements ended
Project Steward: Sangeitha Thayalan
Project Partner(s): Bimal Mondal
Other Contacts: Anirban Patra
Project Address: , Kaorakhali, via Nimpith Ashram, P.S. Kultali ,Via Nimpith Ashram, P.S - Kultali,Kaorakhali,
Tel: 91-97325-68825
Stewarding Chapter: Minnesota
May 2019MinnesotaUSD 10819
Sep 2018MinnesotaUSD 5088
Mar 2018MinnesotaUSD 4292
May 2017MinnesotaUSD 6282
Feb 2017MinnesotaUSD 1423
Sep 2016MinnesotaUSD 1615
Aug 2016MinnesotaUSD 4769
Jan 2016MinnesotaUSD 4249
Oct 2015MinnesotaUSD 4434
May 2014MinnesotaUSD 3772
Dec 2013MinnesotaUSD 3718
Apr 2013MinnesotaUSD 4199
Dec 2012MinnesotaUSD 4122
Nov 2012MinnesotaUSD 3726
Apr 2012MinnesotaUSD 3307
Feb 2012MinnesotaUSD 4131
Nov 2011MinnesotaUSD 4000
May 2011MinnesotaUSD 5078
Aug 2010MinnesotaUSD 3376
Apr 2010MinnesotaUSD 5625
May 2009Work an HourUSD 6347
Dec 2008Work an HourUSD 4903
Jul 2008MinnesotaUSD 6000
Dec 2007MinnesotaUSD 7270
Jul 2007MinnesotaUSD 7270
Mar 2007UIUCUSD 1250
Feb 2007MinnesotaUSD 2000
Nov 2006MinnesotaUSD 1000
Nov 2006UIUCUSD 1250

Total = $125315

A project stewarded by Asha for Education, Minnesota and Asha for Education, UIUC

Kaorakhali schools
+ a pre-primary school system with 4 single-room schoolhouses.
+ four villages in the S. 24 Parganas (Kaorakhali N., Kaorakhali S., Purba Gabtola and Jamtola)
+ 345 children ranging 3-6 years
+ These schools are the only pre-primary education system serving these villages.
+ school day is 9 am – noon. The school day consists of joint learning, games and play time. Children are taught reading and writing.
+ Midday meals are provided to children.

Significance of this effort
The children need a friendly and accessible introduction to education and schooling in a rural area that has a 30% literacy rate and where there hasn't been a tradition of school-going. The schooling provides an introduction to reading and familiarity with numbers and instills a love of learning. Without pre-primary education and preparation, a number of children find the step up to government primary schools an insurmountable barrier – a large proportion of these children are of illiterate parents who are unable to prepare them for primary school.

Project scope for Asha
+ Current project scope costs Rs. 506k ($12,000) per year.
Support for 4 schools in Kaorakhali North , Kaorakhali South , Jamtola and Purba Gabtola.
+ 29 students per teacher.
+ Teacher's salaries for 12 teachers. In our schools we are able to provide salaries for 3 teachers per school @ Rs.1000/month ($23.25/mth).
+ Midday meal for 345 students @ Rs. 3.50 per meal (8 cents/meal).

Future expansion of project
Funds permitting we would do the following in the future
+ Provide a toilet in each of the 4 school. Presently only Purba Gabtola school has a toilet. Each toilet would have 2 units and cost Rs. 20K ($444) to build.
+ Do renovations on 3 of the schoolhouses. Renovation per schoolhouse is estimated to be Rs.50k ($1,111).

Without Asha's assistance
+ There would be only 2 teachers per school with a ratio of 45 students per teacher.
+ The teachers would be paid only Rs 500 ($11.11) per month (reasonable rate is Rs 750-1,000/mth – ($16.67-$22.22))
the previous midday meals program would expire by October 2006.

What you can do to help
Contribute money as generously as you can. This is a worthwhile project that can be scaled up with your help.
+ $50 pays a teacher for 3 mths. $200 pays the teacher for a year.
+ $25 pays for the education and lunch of a child for a year
+ $450 pays for a pair of twin toilets for a school which greatly improves the hygiene situation for the children.
+ Provide micronutrients (Iron, Calcium, Vitamin A and deworming agents) for all 200 children for a full year: $100.
+ If you speak and read/write Bengali you can help facilitate communication. We have Bengali speaking volunteers who help us bridge the communication gap to the schools, but there is a lot of communication to be done and we can always use translators.
+ Visit the school system when you are in India. Your experiences and findings add to our knowledge of the project and progress, and makes the children and school staff feel they have well-wishers who care and are investing in their betterment.
To provide friendly and accessible introduction to education and schooling in a rural area that has a 30% literacy rate and the families are not focusing on their children's education
In 1971 a few people of village Kaorakhali joined together for a common purpose: education of the children. Nearly 3 acres of land was donated by a gentleman of this village to set-up a school. A small structure was made. The school started functioning with the help of local well-wishers. Later in the year 1983 it become a junior high school and it was taken over by government. Until government took over the school, everything was running with local contribution and by volunteers.
In 1981, there was a devastating flood and the school with many houses in the village collapsed. Then the group again thought of relief work. In 1983, it was registered as a voluntary organisation and development activities started.
Illiteracy, poverty and poor health condition are three major problems of the community in Kaorakhali. Therefore we consider the following three programmes as prime aims of our organisation:
a) Spread education.
b) Improve Health condition
c) Socio economic Development
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