Paradarshita - Delhi Govt School Reservation

Project Brief: We are generating and utilizing funds for the implementation of the Delhi Government 20% reservation clause in Private schools for the students who come from economically backward section.
Project Type: Formal Schools (description)
Primary Focus: to go to formal school (description)

Secondary Focus: children from slums

Area: Urban
Supporting Chapter Contact: Munich
Status: completed - requirements ended
Project Steward: Dinesh Upreti
Project Partner(s): Uday Gosain
Other Contacts: Ravi M.R.
Project Address: , 5, M-1 Street,IIT, Hauz Khas,,,Delhi,
DELHI  110016
Stewarding Chapter: Munich
Feb 2012MunichEUR 2200
Sep 2010SeattleUSD 8185
Aug 2010DelhiUSD 6000
Apr 2009SeattleUSD 6335
May 2008SeattleUSD 8063
Sep 2007SeattleUSD 7925
Feb 2007DelhiUSD 4000
Sep 2006MunichEUR 2000
Jan 2006Los AngelesUSD 1000
Dec 2005MunichEUR 2800

Total = $49380.83

We are generating and utilizing funds for the implementation of the 10% reservation clause (earlier 20%).The Delhi Government stipulated that private schools, who obtained land at a very nominal rate, have to enroll children from Economically Weaker Section (EWS) of the society into these schools. 10% of seats, therefore, should be reserved for these children.
Asha Delhi supports this project as this enables usage of a provision within the law leading to a systemic correction, even of the mindsets of the fee paying parents, bringing in social harmony.

This rule got buried, not known to the public and was being violated by the school since 1962, until 2004 when Dr Nalini Juneja (Senior Fellow NUEPA) discovered this clause, and Mr Ashok Agrawal of social activists' group (Social Jurists) filed a PIL in court regarding this. The court battle is still going on, but as for now, the Delhi High Court has favored the Private Schools and reduced the reservation to 15% seats.

For the academic session for 2005-06, a Parivartan a citizen’s group based in Delhi, promoting The usage of the Right to Information Act, 2005, enrolled 40 children living in Seemapuri into private schools and found that these children did extremely well in the school. The Right to Information Act was used as a tool to facilitate the admissions.

It was decided that we set up an Asha Delhi Project with directly paying Honourarium to capable individuals, with a commitment that they would expand the program to other areas of the city. We focused on East & North East Area supervisors work in their defined area, identify children for enrollment, and work with the schools for enrollment.

As the children might face difficulties with the teaching, the projects will be providing tuition classes in the evening to enable the children to keep up with the teaching in the school.
The supervisors perform the following activities:
Documentation work
- Enrolling children
- Monitoring their progress
- Interacting with the government officers to get the program implemented
- Interacting with the school to get the children enrolled.

In the Academic Sessions of 2006-07 & 2007-08, total of 450 children benefitted from this clause and a total potential at entry level classes is approximately 5400 children.

Some changes in the processes of getting children admitted in these schools were also changed. The first was the set up of the Free Ship Cell in the Deputy Director Education ’s office in each District. Second was to get a Common Admission from clause introduced.

[July 2007]
After seeing the success of the project in the previous two years, this project year we decided to expand the project to more areas in Delhi. Supervisors from different groups were identified in South West Districts of Delhi as well.

This year the focus was not only on getting the children admitted to solve a larger systemic problem.

With the passing on the Right To Education Act, the supervisors – Ritu, Parvati, Prakash, now are focusing on getting the RTE implemented. Around more than 2500 children have benefitted from the clause so far in the last 5 yrs.

The funds from Asha Seattle have dried up and hence the continuance of the project is under discussion.
Regular Updated are posted on the project website.
When we started the objective was to ensure the effective implementation of 25% (revised to 10%) clause so that the children coming from economically backward section get their rightful place in the private schools in Delhi.
Asha Delhi is a part of the Asha Organisation founded in 1996. Asha will be training supervisors and expanding the project in collaboration with Individuals.

Today it is to facilitate implementation of the RTE act.
Asha Munich is providing a one-time support to the 20% reservation clause for paying honorarium to three members.
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