TSUNAMI: Villupuram District

Project Brief: Tsunami Relief work in Villupuram District
Project Type: Non-Formal Educational Centers (description)
Primary Focus: children of dalits/tribals (description)

Secondary Focus: dropouts

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Chicago
Status: completed - requirements ended
Project Steward: Srivatsan Kannan
Project Partner(s): K Murthy
Other Contacts: Robert Kennedy
Project Address: , No, 5 R.C.Street Marakanam Post. Tindivanam Taulk,,Vllupuram District,
TAMIL NADU  604303
Tel: 9840340244
Stewarding Chapter: Chicago
Dec 2007YaleUSD 380
Nov 2006General FundsUSD 11916
Dec 2006YaleUSD 400
May 2005ChicagoUSD 1807

Total = $14503

Vilupuram District is situated in the Northeastern part of Tamil Nadu having a total area of 7222 Sq.Km. and with a total population of 3.16 lakhs. It is a most backward district and the main occupation is agriculture. It is covered on four sides by other Districts namely Tiruvanamalai, Kanchipuram, Cuddalore and Salem Distrcts. A part of Vanur Taluk and Tindivanam Taluk are exposed to the Bay of Bengal. The District Head quarters is Viluppuram . The length of seashore in Tindivanam Taluk is 19 KM, and that of Vanur Taluk is 37 Km.
As it is, in the coastal belt of Villupuram District, the fishing industry is flourishing because of potential fish market. Allied activities such as catamaran and boat building industries, dry fish marketing and Fish exports are flourishing in this area. Most of the fishermen and Dalits are illiterates. Most of the Dalit people are depending on upper caste people for their daily bread.
Aims and Objectives of PWC:
Awareness about socio-economical development and imparting training.
Action on village, general and common problems.
Given importance to women labourers and their work for development.
Co-ordinating the village labourers and work for their progress.
Abolition of child labour.
Awareness of ecology and environmental protection.
Special coaching for Dalits and backward students.
Protection for disabled.
Assistance to educationally and economically backward people indiscriminately to plan their future.
To promote basic education and cultural heritage among the person living rural areas.
To medical aid, surgical treatment and the like to individual or signatories Action for with a distinguished backward, and
The development of other people taking into consideration of their time and circum stances.
- Eradicating the illiteracy among the rural poor people
- Reducing the dropouts
- Preventing the child labour
- Motivating the female children to go to schools
- Creating an awareness regarding the environment pollution
- Creating an awareness about the human values and their rights
- Creating an awareness about importance of health and hygiene
People Welfare center (PWC) is a non-political, non-governmental and non-profitable voluntary organization started in the year 1997 by Mr. Robert Kennedy, a post graduate from Madras University with experiences he gained working in various organizations and on the advice and action plan of different voluntary organization and under the able guidance of Mr. Ramakrishnan and with support from colleagues. They guided the welfare center in its various activities at grass root level.

PWC has been carrying out socio-economic welfare programmes in twenty villages since 1997. We have been striving to bring out social awakening and conscientize the people in 10 Villages near Marakanam and 10 villages in Cheyyur Taluka in Kanchipuram district our focus is mainly on Backward Caste and dalits. As a result of our service, people have begun to realize themselves and assert their rights. They are eager to join the main stream of the society at large. Since most of the dalit folks are in rural areas have been segregated from the rest of the society, they are unable to avail even employment opportunities. Though they enjoy political freedom, they are not free to take up leadership. Their talents and potentials remain unrecognized. Even if we cannot help them to achieve economic self-reliance, we can help by educating them especially the school dropouts. Thus we can bring out mass awareness on preserving their environment and lift them out of social backwardness.

PWC is situated in Marakanam, which is an ancient Coastal Village in Tindivanam Taluka of Villupuram dist. It is located on the east cost Road, between Chennai and Pondicherry, which is about 120 km. From Chennai towards Pondicherry.
Office Phone: 044-42112404