Shamayita Math - Shamayita Convent School

Project Brief: Shamayita Convent School is an English medium school for girls. The school educates poor girls of the villages in the locality and girls from the towns. Asha will provide money for free lunch for the poor students and salary for three teachers.
Project Type: Formal Schools (description)
Primary Focus: girls (description)

Secondary Focus: children of migrant workers

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Yale
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: Manidipa Mukherjee
Project Partner(s): Prabhuji Shamayita Math
Other Contacts: Mani Ratnesh Sandhu
Project Address: , Shamayita Convent School,Amarkanan-Ranbahal-Road,Amarkanan,
Tel: 011919002224333
Stewarding Chapter: Yale
Apr 2023YaleUSD 20983
Jul 2022YaleUSD 3044
Apr 2022YaleUSD 7143
Aug 2021YaleUSD 6064
May 2020YaleUSD 5143
Apr 2019YaleUSD 11320
Apr 2018YaleUSD 13416
May 2017YaleUSD 11016
May 2016YaleUSD 12133
Nov 2015YaleUSD 30696
Apr 2015YaleUSD 5600
Apr 2014YaleUSD 6586
Apr 2013YaleUSD 5031
Mar 2012YaleUSD 5000
Mar 2011YaleUSD 4295
May 2010YaleUSD 4000
Jul 2009YaleUSD 1000
Dec 2008YaleUSD 3370
Nov 2008YaleUSD 2500
Jul 2007YaleUSD 5500
Dec 2005YaleUSD 1500
Dec 2005CentralNJUSD 1500

Total = $166840

The school started in 1996 with 19 kindergarteners from the local villages. The school is in conformity with the syllabus of the CBSE Board. The school will be upgraded to secondary level by adding a new class each year. Presently those 19 kindergarteners are in eighth grade and will be first graduates of the school in 2007. Currently there are 320 students and 14 teachers (ten of them are sannyasinis of the Math). There is a hostel for 42 girls. The school is free upto fourth grade including lunch. After that, about 60% of the students pay tuition of 42 rupees per month which partially supports the education of 40% of the needy students. The school needs money for providing lunch for all poor students and minimum three teachers in the area of science and mathematics.
Shamayita Convent School aims to provide modern, value-added education to the girls in general (irrespective of their cast and religion) with special emphasis to the local poor and talented girls, free of cost.
Shamayita Math is created by Revered Prabhuji. The school is his brain child. The school is conducted and regulated by the sannyasinis of Shamayita Math.