Gramin Shiksha Kendra Samiti

Project Brief: Traditional education does not seem to lead anywhere for agrarian communities - it does not provide meaningful employment and the educated person is useless to extant agrarian patterns. Uday aims to bring relevance into education.
Project Type: Alternative Education (description)
Primary Focus: other (description)

Secondary Focus: other

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Austin
Status: completed - sustainable
Project Steward: Mohit Sood
Project Partner(s): Shubham Garg
Other Contacts: Murali Narasimhan
Project Address: , Uday Learning Centre, Ranthambhor Road,Opposite Hotel City Heart,Sawai Madhopur,
Tel: 917462220957
Stewarding Chapter: Austin
Oct 2021AustinUSD 4021
Jul 2021AustinUSD 13749
Nov 2020AustinUSD 8192
Jul 2020AustinUSD 7066
Oct 2019AustinUSD 6893
Aug 2019AustinUSD 4924
Nov 2018AustinUSD 13752
Jul 2018AustinUSD 6086
Nov 2017AustinUSD 7963
Jul 2017AustinUSD 8048
Apr 2017AustinUSD 4079
Jan 2017AustinUSD 7565
Sep 2016AustinUSD 7631
Nov 2015AustinUSD 6299
Aug 2015AustinUSD 6290
Jan 2015Silicon ValleyUSD 5029
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Jul 2008Silicon ValleyUSD 11142
Mar 2008AustinUSD 7241
Mar 2008Silicon ValleyUSD 11896
Jul 2007AustinUSD 10000
Mar 2007AustinUSD 9270
Nov 2006AustinUSD 5000
Oct 2005AustinUSD 6132

Total = $359858

The organization has established five model schools (Uday Pathshala) with objectives of setting standards for education. These education centers are owned by the community. It is expected that once a certain quality is provided and observed and perceived by the community it will demand a similar level of quality from the other educational facilities in the area, especially government facilities. It is expected that with this understanding people will generate political pressure for improvement in government schools. In the case of private schools it will perhaps be easier as they would then be expected to provide that quality in order to stay in business.

These schools will also create models of alternative ownership of schools, which till date are known to be owned either by government or private entrepreneurs. In most of India, the community finds itself stuck between two bad options - a school that does not work and a school that is not accountable. Any community if it has and feels the ownership will be concerned about the quality of the school and the education that it is providing. It is expected that over time seeing the benefit in having community schools, the government would be able to convert some of its schools into community owned and managed schools. The success of this project is not just in making the schools that are set up run effectively but in bringing a change in the way the other schools in the area operate.

The government has been trying to improve the education system of the state for long. Their first priority was in ensuring reach to education by any means and which they did by setting up rather sub-standard schools. This led to a crisis of quality, which the government is still not in a position to address. There is an assumption that improved quality implies better infrastructure.

Gramin Shiksha Kendra aims to address this issue of quality squarely and provide an option that is easily adaptable and implement-able in the government school sphere. The first element is in developing a truly community led and owned school. A school where the community has a major say in deciding what is taught and where the children do not get alienated from the rural area as a result of education.

In 2003, Gramin Shiksha Kendra finally set up the Uday approach through which it will bring in the much-needed relevance to education for the rural communities.

All the schools run by Gramin Shiksha Kendra have been set up in Sawai Madhopur area in Rajasthan. Asha has supported 3 schools since 2005. We started supporting school in Jaganpura village from 2005, and school in Bodal village from 2006 and Girirajpura village from 2015. All of these schools are close to Sawai Madhopur city and close to the Ranthambore wildlife sanctuary.
Setting standards of quality in school education
Establishing model of community owned school
Evolving pedagogy and curriculum for relevant education

Mission Statement: Uday will over a ten-year period set up three high quality learning-centres and schools in the Sawai Madhopur and Khandar blocks of Sawai Madhopur district. This will help communities see and learn what quality in education actually means. In addition, through a community outreach programme, encourages them to demand better quality of education from the existing governmental school system and the private sector. Uday will also design, develop and implement a curriculum and evolve a pedagogy which makes education more relevant to people's lives in the rural areas and gives them the information necessary to take informed decisions and make informed choices about their livelihoods and their future.
In 1996 after a series of experiences of working together on social and environmental development issues in Sawai Madhopur, a group of people from the villages along with two external development professionals felt that a lot that was wrong in the socio-economic conditions of Sawai Madhopur was the result of poor and irrelevant education that the existing system had on offer. This group decided to make an attempt to change that and together formed the Gramin Shiksha Kendra.

Gramin Shiksha Kendra was set up as a Society under the Rajasthan Societies Act, 1958 and is mandated to work in Rajasthan on issues related to education and development.

Gramin Shiksha Kendra remained on the drawing board for over seven years till the right combination of talent, enthusiasm and preparedness was available to take it forward. It became operational in 2003.

1. Mr. Sachin Sachdeva (president): A management graduate from IRMA with 20 years experience in development sector.
2. Mr. Prithiviraj Meena (vice-president): a farmer (and previously the Zilla Pramukh of Sawai Madhopur district) with the urge to learn everything that he had not been able to in school and to lead, like he was destined to.
3. Mr. Vijendra Pal Sisodiya (Secretary): A rare talent from Sawai Madhopur; teacher by profession but also an artist, writer and poet.
4. Krishnavtar Sharma (treasurer) : Krishna is an advocate by training and is from village Khilchipur on the periphery of the National Park. He was one of the initiators of the ecodevelopment project in the area and currently is the Joint Director of Aajeevika Bureau which works with migrant communities in Rajasthan and India
5. Ms. Jyotsna Lall (member): A management graduate from IRMA with 20 years experience in development sector particularly in the field of education.
6. Radhyshyam Sen (member): A driver who realized the meaning of being unemployed straddled the farm and non-farm sector to make ends meet.
7. Kalyan Hiraman (member) : Kalyanji of ‘Devta’ as he is called is a Buffallo herder and farmer from the erstwhile Mordungri village now relocated to Girirajpura. He is the idea behind the organisation and continues to be its conscience keeper.
8. Rampal Gurjar (member) : Rampal Gurjar is a goatherd and a farmer. He is a conscientious parent but is sad that the education system has failed him. He would like all children in the area to be educated and then choose what they want to do with their lives.
As of Dec2021, GSK project has been set to "closed-completed" status as it is deemed self-sustainable.
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