Anannia - Chilla

Project Brief: Chilla is a home for children of sex workers in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. Asha has funded some of the expenses of running the home.
Project Type: Child Home (description)
Primary Focus: children of sex workers (description)

Secondary Focus: other

Area: Urban
Supporting Chapter Contact: UIUC
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: Manoj Prabhakaran
Project Partner(s): Anil A
Other Contacts: Shyam Jayakumar
Project Address: , House No.A.37, Vidyadhi Raja Nagar,Poojappura,Tiruvananthpuram,
KERALA  695012
Tel: +91-80-23438840/ 43
Stewarding Chapter: UIUC
Dec 2017UIUCUSD 19455
Dec 2016UIUCUSD 19398
Nov 2015UIUCUSD 21388
Nov 2015UIUCUSD 10753
Dec 2012UIUCUSD 7820
Oct 2010UIUCUSD 4280
Oct 2009UIUCUSD 6076
Jan 2009UIUCUSD 2267
Jul 2008UIUCUSD 5853
Dec 2006UIUCUSD 3310
Dec 2004PrincetonUSD 2200

Total = $102800

Chilla is a home for children of sex workers in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. Chilla provides shelter and care for some of the neediest and most neglected children in the city. The children at greatest risk are the ones who have no home, and have to accompany their mothers in the streets. The situation is complicated due to the nature of the work of their mothers, issues of morality it raises, and the stigma that the children inherit.

While striving to provide a healthy environment to the children where they can overcome the stress and stigma, Chilla, with the help of a few like-minded individuals has overcome many a challenge, and has started to establish itself as a remarkable effort, increasingly noticed by the media and the Government.

Chilla emphasizes the quality of life of the children, while they are at Chilla and after, by providing them with a home, with education (in and outside school), and self-confidence. Anil and Roja, who run the home, are a unique couple who have dedicated a good part of their lives to this cause. A sympathetic and pragmatic approach to the issue of sex work allows Chilla to maintain good connections with the community of sex workers. The mothers themselves are involved in the project.
Chilla was started by an organization called Foundation for Integrated Research in Mental Health (FIRM). FIRM was founded by a team of medical doctors, in 1995. In 1999 FIRM organised a conference in Thiruvananthapuram, to discuss the problems of sex workers, with participation of people from various walks of life, and hundreds of sex workers from all over Kerala. It turned out that one of the major concerns of the sex workers was regarding their children. Subsequently, FIRM conducted a need-assessment study, through which 187 children were identified in Thiruvananthapuram, and 37 of them short-listed as the most needy. About half of the short-listed children had some sort of housing, while housing had to be arranged for the others. Initial attempts were to place them in orphanages, which met with serious difficulties. It is at this point that Anil and Roja decided to have the children stay at their house. This home later became Chilla.

Currently Chilla houses about 15 children, and in addition provides emergency support to many more children of sex workers in the city. Anil and Roja have been living with and taking care of the children at Chilla, ever since its inception. In May 2007, an independent organization called ANANNIA was registered to run Chilla. In 2008, the project was adopted by a Bangalore-based NGO called Sangama. ANANNIA continues to be associated with Chilla as the local facilitators for the project.

A UK-based charity, Kerala Partnership helped fund Chilla's initial years, when it was started as a project under FIRM. In 2004 and 2006, Chilla was partly supported by Asha for Education as well. On both these occassions, funds were sent to FIRM (Reg NO: 590/95, Bhaskar Vilas, Bhaskar Lane, Pattom, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala- 695004). In 2008, after Chilla was adopted by Sangama, Asha sent funds to Sangama to support the project. Sangama's address is as follows: Number 9, ABABIL Patil Cheluvappa Street, JC Nagar (MR Palya), Bangalore - 06.

The project is currently supported by funds from Asha for Education and Kerala Partnership, as well as funds raised locally.
Home for Children of Sex Workers