TSUNAMI: Karum (Koval Aid for Rehabilitation and Motivation)

Project Brief: This project involves a comprehensive plan to adopt and reconstruct an entire village affected by the 2003 December Tsunami.
Project Type: Other (description)
Primary Focus: creating resources (description)

Secondary Focus: other

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Arizona
Status: proposal-evaluation by chapter
Project Steward: Susan Seats
Project Partner(s):
Other Contacts: Mukund Muralidhar
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Stewarding Chapter: Arizona

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People who will benefit
The village of Karmeshwaram, consisiting of 210 families totaling 990 people.35 villagers were killed by the tsunami. The entire residential quarters and the fishing infrastructure have been destroyed. This particular village was chosen because of the following reasons:
* severely affected by tsunami
* Has a compact population
* Desire to lead a life based on self-respect than charity
* Interested in education for their children
* Alcohol abuse is absent
* Interested in developing mangroves and planting trees on the coastline
* Women want to be more productive

Funds are requested to construct a
* Community hall, library, creche and health centre Rs. 6,00,000
* Houses between Rs 1-2,00,000 each (more expensive because of government requirement on stronger flood proof buildings.)
* Borewells (100 ft) with handpumps, 4 needed at Rs 20,000 each
* Gym and children's play equipment Rs 1,00,000
* Other funding needs are for boats, boat repairs,mango trees,draining
* infrastructure,roads etc,
The objectives are to provide income generating opportunities, transportation, infrastructure, school, medical clinc, construct housing, assist children in pursuing higher education, self help groups, and emotional support for those coping with loss.