Back to School - II (Tsunami)

Project Brief: Because of the Tsunami that hit the area on 12/26/2004, the children have lost their school facilities and suffer from trauma. The school remains a constant, a security for their emotional well being.
Project Type: Formal Schools (description)
Primary Focus: creating resources (description)

Secondary Focus: to go to formal school

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Arizona
Status: completed - requirements ended
Project Steward: Susan Seats
Project Partner(s): Mukund Muralidhar
Other Contacts:
Project Address: , VR Pillai Street,,Chepauk, Chennai,
Stewarding Chapter: Arizona
Apr 2005ArizonaUSD 1000

Total = $1000

The children have lost all their school requirements. Many of these children lived in the hutments along the Marina beach. Some had no home and would carry their possessions to wherever they would squat on the beach as ragpickers. Their families have lost most of their possessions. They continue to live in tents and temporary shelters. While many of lives were difficult, the tsunami has added much more suffering.
Many of these children are suffering from devastating losses especially those who have lost loved ones, as well as their housing. The school remains a constant, a security for their emotional well being. The government school they attend is poorly funded. I (Susan Seats) visited the site and there was an obvious lack of teaching aids. The thousand dollar donation will be divided between the two schools based on the student ratio.
To provide a constant environment of security and maintain learning despite the tragedy that befell the region.
To provide resources for learning.