Mathigiri School

Project Brief: Funding for matriculation Education up to Xth standard as well as value based education for a Mathigiri school.
Project Type: Formal Schools (description)
Primary Focus: to go to formal school (description)

Secondary Focus: creating resources

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Arizona
Status: completed - requirements ended
Project Steward: Aarthi Natarajan
Project Partner(s): V. Natarajan
Other Contacts: Caroline Lobo
Project Address: , Unit 5, Subkesha Complex,Kelamangalam Road,Mathigiri,
TAMIL NADU  635110
Tel: 04344-262668
Stewarding Chapter: Arizona
Apr 2005ArizonaUSD 1000

Total = $1000

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1.Quality Education up to Xth Standard in a common medium was not readily available in the area. This being a border area is fragmented with four different spoken languages. The existing schools were either elementary schools and/or specific to a particular language. A common medium such as English was required for common instruction and for pursuing higher education
2.In a Secular Fashion: The area was infamous for Christian missionary schools whose methods were extremely pro-Christian. There was a need for a secular school in this area.
3.In a good environment: Unlike the nearest government school that was 5 Km away. This had a student teacher ratio of 1:100 and teachers rarely turned up for classes.
4.At an affordable price: An agrarian community such as this cannot afford more than Rs. 100 per child
1.To Impart Quality Education up to Xth Standard in English medium appropriate for a border state school
2.In a Secular Fashion: This school is not affiliated to any religion or party or caste or language.
3.In a good environment: Student teacher ratio not more than 35:1
4.At an affordable price: The school costs Rs. 300 per child. But only Rs. 100 per child is charged. Some students who are considered very poor are given education free of charge.
This organization was established in 1997.

The Project contact outlined in Page1, Mr. Natarajan, is an Electrical engineer. Now retired, he worked for the TN Electricity Board for twenty five years. He and his wife live in Mathigiri.
Registration Number (Public Trust Act) 11385/E5/2002/Dt 30.10.2002 FROM 1 TO X Valid till 31.5.05
Tax Exemption Certificate Number) DIT (E) NO 212(283) under 80G
Exemption Valid Dates) Valid till 31.3.05 and will be extended for 1 more year
FCRA Number None