Project Brief: AHEAD is an organisation working for education and rehabilitation of the mentally, autistic severely disabled children coupled with economic handicap as well.
Project Type: Children with Disabilities (description)
Primary Focus: children with disabilities (description)

Secondary Focus: other

Area: Urban
Supporting Chapter Contact: Berkeley
Status: completed - requirements ended
Project Steward: Dipa Bhaumik
Project Partner(s): A.K. Banerjee Choudhury
Other Contacts:
Project Address: , 153A, Block-G, New Alipore, Kolkata,,,
Tel: 33-24783543
Stewarding Chapter: Berkeley
Jan 2010BerkeleyUSD 2002
May 2008SeattleUSD 9130
Oct 2007NYC/NJUSD 3850
Dec 2006SeattleUSD 11000
Dec 2006BerkeleyUSD 3000
Dec 2005BerkeleyUSD 7000

Total = $35982

Running a special school for mainly the mentally challenged and
autistic children in a club house during their noon-time idle-hours among various constraints. The address of the place is 109B, Block - F, New Alipore, Kolkata - 700 053, INDIA. Based on the neighbouring community needs a few speech & hearing challenged students are also accommodated. The number of children undergoing education at present is 25 only due to restriction of space. (We have purchased a Govt. land and our building plan for a 4-storied builing also sanctioned. We will shortly start construction work for which fund-raising programmes are on.
2) We are organising sports for the mentally handicapped children for over 15 years where 150 mentally handicapped children from 15 different Institutions/States and are participating. This is the largest sports event at NGO level in Kolkata and held at the Sports Authority of India complex at Salt Lake City, Kolkata.
3) Organising integrated Sit & Draw competition in the existing school premises in New Alipore, Kolkata, and cultural programs in public stages, educational tours,excursions for the handicapped children.
4) Organising special film festivals with feature films on disability in Nandan, Max Muller Bhawan, Gorki Sadan etc. in Kolkata for public awareness and social integration. All kinds of socially disadvantaged and challenged persons and their family members are invited to witness the festival.
5) Entrepreneurship Development programs for the handicapped for their self-employment in collaboration with the National Insitute, Govt. of India. Also cultural workshops for training of the handicapped students by inviting reputed artists. These are held in our school premises.

At present we are running a special school mainly for the mentally handicapped children in a club house during their noon-time idle hours and among various constraints for over 20 years.
The present student strength is 25 which cannot be increased due to space and facilities constraints. We have been told to vacate the place as they will be utilising the place for commercial purposes. In the meantime we have purchased a land of about 3.5 cottahs (about 230 sq. metres) from Govt. at a concessional price. The registration and stamp duties were waived by Govt. Our building plan for a G plus 3 construction is sanctioned. We now plan to construct G plus 1 in the first phase for immediate shifting of the school for our survival. The balance two floors will be constructed in the second phase. On completion of the total project we will be able to accommodate 150 children in regular academic / educational programs and further 150 adult handicapped (over 16 years) in other curricula i.e. vocational, sports & cultural training, computer-related jobs etc .
1) To build up a modern school-cum-prevocational training centre with scientific infrastructure for education of the mentally retarded, autistic and multiple disabilities. There will be reservation for poor and parentless children. 150 children can be accommodated on completion of the present project.

2) To run a training centre for the adult handicapped in
vocational trades, arts & crafts, dance & music, sports, health care, computer and domestic jobs with the objective of their economic occupational rehabilitation.150 students can be accommodated in this curriculum also on completion of the project. The time slots will be different.

3) To organise exhibitions, film festivals, sports, and cultural shows for public awareness and social integration and also to build up the confidence level in the handicapped themselves