Asha Trust - Project Sangamam

Project Brief: Asha Chennai is working to improve the conditions and education at several government primary and middle schools in Thiruvallur district. 
Project Type: Working with the Government (description)
Primary Focus: to go to formal school (description)

Secondary Focus: other

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Chennai
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: Rajaraman Krishnan
Project Partner(s): Venkat Ramasamy
Other Contacts: Venkat Ramasamy
Project Address: , No.383. Ambethkar Nagar, Kaivandur post and village,Thiruvallur district,Thiruvallur,
TAMIL NADU  631203
Tel: 91-9444404060
Stewarding Chapter: Chennai
Apr 2024ChennaiUSD 18659
Jan 2024ChennaiUSD 8399
Aug 2023ChennaiUSD 94469
Aug 2023ChennaiUSD 24537
Jul 2023ChennaiINR 500000
May 2023ChennaiUSD 15168
Aug 2022ChennaiUSD 77992
Apr 2022ChennaiUSD 8881
Jul 2021ChennaiUSD 44902
Jun 2021ChennaiUSD 11738
May 2021ChennaiINR 11656
Sep 2020ChennaiUSD 58103
May 2020ChennaiINR 2194788
May 2020ChennaiUSD 2446
Sep 2019ChennaiUSD 13064
May 2019ChennaiINR 10992126
Oct 2018ChennaiUSD 10250
Aug 2017ChennaiUSD 14742
May 2017ChennaiINR 3845855
Dec 2016ChennaiUSD 9766
May 2016ChennaiINR 1814678
Oct 2015ChennaiUSD 4678
May 2015ChennaiINR 1796429
May 2014ChennaiUSD 14210
Mar 2014FrankfurtEUR 1600
Sep 2013FrankfurtEUR 1493
May 2013ChennaiUSD 15078
Sep 2011ChennaiUSD 12000
Jun 2010ChennaiUSD 4504
Aug 2009ChennaiUSD 20697
Nov 2008ChennaiUSD 1942
Aug 2008MadisonUSD 20000
Jun 2008ChennaiUSD 3876
Dec 2007ChennaiUSD 1947
Nov 2007CanadaCAD 3000
Nov 2007ChennaiUSD 2911
Jul 2007ChennaiUSD 9805
Nov 2006ChennaiCAD 3000
Sep 2006CanadaCAD 3000
Jun 2006ChennaiUSD 2442
Oct 2005CanadaUSD 2500

Total = $1002115.26377

Thiruvallur is one of the poorer districts of Tamilnadu. It has always been a water scarce region. Proximity to Chennai has its positives as well as negatives. While lot of people find employment in Chennai and auxiliary industries for Chennai (like brick kilns and sand quarrying), the local resources are taken away from the region including water in the form of Poondi reservoir, river sand, human workforce etc. All this has left the mainstay of this region agriculture in a bad situation.

The scenario as regards education in this district is similar to the rest of Tamilnadu. Government schools exist but with serious deficiencies. Private schools are coming up and eating into the student force of the government schools. But the private schools are often worse in terms of the quality of the teaching. Asha Chennai believes the revival and strengthening of the government schooling system is essential to the implementation of any mass education initiative in India.There have been several positive changes in the government schooling system including the following,

  • Introduction of good quality text books under the Samacheer Kalvi. But in the process the ABL (Activities Based Learning) a good system that was introduced in 2007 has been abandoned.
  • Regular assessments being done by SSA at every school and by NCERT through random sampling of the schools for the whole of India of the basic educational attainments (reading, writing and basic maths skills).
  • Provision of computers and books to the schools.
  • Introduction of English medium section in many schools.

While these are positive steps, for them to achieve their desired goals a lot more needs to be done. Rote learning without understanding of basic concepts is still the norm. Even the assessment conducted by SSA specifically tests reading skills without testing comprehension! While computers are provided they are not being used effectively in many of the schools. Further the introduction of English medium has been done purely to stem the tide of children going to other private schools. While it has been somewhat successful in doing that, they have not done anything to teach the children meaningfully in English.

Asha Chennai works with 68 schools in Thiruvallur District – 53 in Poondi block, 10 schools in Ellapuram block, 3 schools in Kadambathur block, 1 school in Thiruvalangadu block and 1 school in Sriperumbudur block of Kanchipuram dist.

While Asha started teaching basic computer skills to the children at the schools we support, we also have a lot to do in terms of effectively using the computers for delivering curriculum contents in other subjects.

Asha Chennai has been working with eight government primary schools in the Thiruvallur district under Project Sangamam-Poondi. The project was started in the year 2004-05 with support to three primary schools. This year we are adding support to two more schools to bring the total number of schools we are working with to ten. The following timeline shows the history of our support to these schools.

2004-05Asha Chennai started the project with Panchayat Union Primary schools at Kuppammal Chathiram, Kanakavalli Puram and Pattarai Perambudur. Soon after that we added support for Placepalayam. This was the beginning of the project.
2013-14We were supporting 7 schools at the end of 2012-13: Kuppammal Chathiram, Pattarai Perumbudur, Thomur, Placeepalayam, Allikuzhi, Gandhigram and Kachur. Then we received a request from the middle school at Ramancheri as they were converting to an English medium school and they didn’t have any teacher to teacher English medium at the primary school. Since we wanted to participate in this experiment of the government we decided to support this school as well. During this year we also built toilets for the schools at Placepalayam and Allikuzhi with funds from Asha Frankfurt.
2014-15Hyundai Glovis came forward to support the project at the eight schools we were currently supporting. This has enabled us to take up support for two more schools at Ammambakkam and Nemiliagaram. We used to support Nemiliagaram till 2011 when the number of children dropped and our support was not needed any more. Children from nearby brick kilns come to this school nowadays which make it very difficult for them to manage during those 7 months. We also added support for Kannigaiper.
2015-16Hyundai Glovis continued supporting the 8 schools. We continued supporting the 3 schools added last year and also added support for Kottaikulam. Parallely we also got support for Oracle Foundation to provide computer teachers to our existing schools of Thiruvallur Dist.
2016-17Hyundai Glovis continued supporting the 8 regular schools. We continued supporting the 4 schools. We extended our project to support 2 more schools in Ellapuram block: Thandalam and Annanagar. Under Asha Kanini project we provided computer teachers to these schools as well as an additional 15 schools. We built a new toilet at Thandalam.
2017-18Hyundai Glovis expanded the project to support all the 12 schools we were working with in the Poondi block. At Ellapuram block we continued to support the same three schools. Through Sangamam Kanini project computer teachers were teaching at about 45 schools which also included these 15 schools. The contents created through the Sangamam Kanini effort were also given to all these schools. As part of this project libraries were setup with Glovis support at all the 15 schools. Another parallel project – Sugadharam – was also supported by Glovis to repair toilets at 10 of these schools.
2018-19Hyundai Glovis was looking to extend their CSR program and selected us as the partner. They extended their support to cover even the schools covered by computer teachers. Earlier we were only providing computer teachers to these computer schools. With Glovis support we started providing materials to the school and the children to these computer schools as well. They signed an MOU for 4.5 Crores to support 60 schools. We also started supporting 6 schools supported by Hyundai Steel. These were in the Sriperumbudur block of Kanchipuram Dist and Kadambathur block of Thiruvallur Dist. We repaired toilets at three middle schools.
2019-20Hyundai Glovis continued supporting us and added one more school to bring their total to 61 schools. Hyundai Steel stopped supporting our project. We continued support 4 of the school we had taken up with them and further added support for 2 schools in Ellapuram block and one in Kadambathur block to bring the total number of schools to 68. A new library was built at Annanagar and also play areas were built at Gandhigram and Annanagar.
2020-21The year began with the Covid pandemic which threw our operations into a spin. Further in August Hyundai Glovis announced that they will not be able to continue supporting us and pulled out of the MOU. We are continuing our support for the 68 schools in a limited manner with our own funds. We built new toilets at Pudhukandigai and Ramanjeri. We also undertook the repair of toilets at 15 additional schools. We also built a new play area for the school at Kottaikulam.
Locally the activities of the project has been coordinated by the project coordinator Srinivasan. We have also helped improve the infrastructure at the schools by repainting the boards, fixing the roof, building cooking areas, building toilets, providing electric fittings, plumbing facilities etc. We also sponsored the annual day functions at all these schools. In doing all these activities we have been happy to find a supportive and energetic set of teachers at these schools. The district and panchayat officials have also been very supportive.
Asha Chennai has undertaken several projects with government schools. As part of these projects, Asha Chennai provides several standard inputs including,
  1. Education material as appropriate for the class. This would range from crayons to atlases and geometry boxes.
  2. Support joyful learning by supporting annual day functions, excursions etc. at these schools.
  3. Bring the teachers from these projects to Chennai for training. The annual training would be covered under the budget for Project Rightstart. Further, we also have a monthly training program to improve the skill levels of the teacher both in terms of basic knowledge of English, Maths and Science as well as their teaching skills.
  4. Computers for the schools have been provided both by Asha and the government. We use these computers to teach the children digital literacy and programming as well as deliver general curriculum contents over these.
  5. Conduct assessments at these schools to identify learning gaps and provide detailed feedback to the schools about what can be improved at these schools.
The project would impact about 1000 children at eight Primary schools and about 100 children in the four Balwadis.

In these institutions the boy:girl ratio is approximately 1:1. We hope to see the following qualitative improvements due to this project,

1. An acceptable educational environment that is conducive to and promotes learning.
2. A motivated and trained group of teachers that cater to these children.
3. Children who perform at or above the level expected for their age.

As the project progresses we hope to develop better metrics to measure the progress of the children and the success of the project like monitoring levels of numeracy and literacy skills of the children.
Asha-Chennai is a chapter of ‘Asha for Education’ based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. It is run entirely by an action group formed to catalyze socio-economic change in India through the education of underprivileged children.
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