Lions Club School, Yellamma Banda

Project Brief: Education and health of downtrodden people near Kukatpally slum areas in Hyderabad
Project Type: Formal Schools (description)
Primary Focus: children from slums (description)

Secondary Focus: health and cleanliness

Area: Urban
Supporting Chapter Contact: Hyderabad
Status: completed - requirements ended
Project Steward: Pavan Jayavarapu
Project Partner(s): P Purnachandra Rao
Other Contacts:
Project Address: , Plot No. 676 Vivekananda Nagar Colony,Kukatpally,Hyderabad,
TELANGANA  500 072
Tel: 9848235103, 9866125848
Stewarding Chapter: Hyderabad
Apr 2011HyderabadINR 6000
Apr 2011HyderabadINR 1200
Apr 2011HyderabadINR 46200
Mar 2011HyderabadINR 1200
Mar 2011HyderabadINR 6000
Mar 2011HyderabadINR 39600
Feb 2011HyderabadINR 1200
Feb 2011HyderabadINR 6000
Feb 2011HyderabadINR 28600
Jan 2011HyderabadINR 1200
Jan 2011HyderabadINR 41800
Jan 2011HyderabadINR 6000
Dec 2010HyderabadINR 6000
Dec 2010HyderabadINR 1200
Dec 2010HyderabadINR 39600
Nov 2010HyderabadINR 1200
Nov 2010HyderabadINR 6000
Nov 2010HyderabadINR 30800
Oct 2010HyderabadINR 1200
Oct 2010HyderabadINR 39600
Oct 2010HyderabadINR 6000
Sep 2010HyderabadINR 1200
Sep 2010HyderabadINR 6000
Sep 2010HyderabadINR 44000
Aug 2010HyderabadINR 54600
Jul 2010HyderabadINR 900
Jul 2010HyderabadINR 28600
Jun 2010HyderabadINR 1500
Jun 2010HyderabadINR 1800
Jun 2010HyderabadINR 900
Jun 2010HyderabadINR 30400
Jun 2010HyderabadINR 5500
May 2010HyderabadINR 900
Apr 2010HyderabadINR 900
Apr 2010HyderabadINR 5500
Apr 2010HyderabadINR 44000
Feb 2008HyderabadINR 39468
Feb 2008HyderabadINR 24457
Jan 2008HyderabadINR 32818
Dec 2007HyderabadINR 32728
Nov 2007HyderabadINR 22839
Oct 2007HyderabadINR 31951
Sep 2007HyderabadINR 29406
Aug 2007HyderabadINR 34349
Jul 2007HyderabadINR 25506
Apr 2007HyderabadINR 18083
Apr 2007HyderabadINR 31156
Feb 2007HyderabadINR 23412
Jan 2007HyderabadINR 3651
Dec 2006HyderabadINR 37577
Nov 2006HyderabadINR 29604
Oct 2006HyderabadINR 21759
Sep 2006HyderabadINR 30225
Aug 2006HyderabadINR 32281
Jul 2006HyderabadINR 18069
Apr 2006HyderabadINR 24244

Total = $23694.0494

Ramakrishna Educational and Medical Society of Hyderabad, Kukatpally is trying help the poor children's education and health of downtrodden people near Kukatpally slum areas. Most of the children are children of quarry working laborers and 1st generation literates. Asha Hyderabad is trying to do fund raising, monitoring and help in administration of the school if necessary.

Asha Hyderabad is actively involved in this project, raising funds for mid-day (nutritious) meals to the kids. ACE 2005 in July 2005 a quiz competition for corporates was organized to raise funds through participation and sponsorship for this event. About 2 lakhs were raised through this event and additional required Rs 50000 was given from other sources for the mid-day meals to the kids for the entire year.
ACE 2008 had a platinum sponsorship from Phase Forward company ( and have sponsored the entire project (mid day meal for all the children throughout the academic year).

All the Asha Hyderabad volunteers have started a program at this school, where any of our friends, relatives can celebrate their birthdays, anniversaries or any celebrations at this school. This way they can instead of spending money in parties, they can support one day's meal or by donating any items like note books, pens, pencils etc to the kids.
Asha Hyderabad is mobilizing support locally by organizing a ACE (Asha for Child Education) a corporate quiz competition in the city to generate money for nutrition and plan to do this on annual basis.
ACE 2005 and ACE 2006, corporate quiz competition also being organized to raise funds for mid-day meals and planning to organize this as an yearly event.