Childrens Love Castles Trust

Project Brief: CLT Resource Center works as a hub that connects all the schools in the 10 villages at the primary school level.
Project Type: Non-Formal Educational Centers (description)
Primary Focus: creating resources (description)

Secondary Focus: dropouts

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: San Francisco
Status: completed - requirements ended
Project Steward: Gurinder Singh
Project Partner(s): Bhagya Rangachar
Other Contacts:
Project Address: , Jakkur Village, Yelahanka,,Bangalore,
Tel: 56696702 / 28461949 / 98440640
Stewarding Chapter: San Francisco
Feb 2013San FranciscoUSD 4003
May 2012San FranciscoUSD 5000
Sep 2010ArizonaUSD 7000
Apr 2009ArizonaUSD 5000
Oct 2005ArizonaUSD 2500

Total = $23503

The main Teachers? Resource Center (TRC) was setup in April 2000 in Jakkur. This along with the CLT Learning Center, strategically located in a village that draws 850 children from the 10 surrounding villages, integrates its non-formal educational programs into the Government School system. We have placed both the CLT buildings next to the Government Schools on Government land, which was given free of cost to set up our model.
Short-term goals:
The reach is for 850 children. CLT Resource Center (both the Teachers? and the Learning Center) works as a hub that connects all the schools in the 10 villages with its various programs and activities.
Although, it is a well-tested model with many success stories, this facility is in the reach of only 24 teachers that come to Jakkur, because of distance to travel. We want it to have a wider reach, so it could impact more schools and teachers.

Long- term goals:
? Expand the network of government and private school teachers for better outreach of the program
? Create a common agenda containing topics and themes that are relevant to teachers in any school or area teaching different student groups.
? Provide a comprehensive learning tools package to teachers for all the classes and subjects/disciplines
? Create a platform for better interaction between teachers and empower them to take an proactive role in the educational process

Children?s Lovecastles Trust (CLT), a registered non-profit, non-government, organization was founded in 1997 in Bangalore, India, with a single intent to make education accessible to every child. The head office is located at Jakkur Village, Bangalore. Its primary focus is to prevent school dropouts in the rural sector.

CLT strongly believes that for the program to be sustainable, the ?community? that the child lives in has to grow with the child.

Keeping that in focus, CLT also takes up health, nutrition and parenting programs that lead to community development. In addition, CLT?s other programs strive to bring in Economic Value Addition (EVA) for the over all development of the community.

CLT is dedicated to providing economically backward children with mid-day meals and lifelong learning skills. Through a suite of innovative programs all-year around, CLT offers access to non-formal educational programs through formal networks.

CLT inspires and nurtures community support to create a framework for each child to build her/his ?castle?. Bringing together various creative mediums, CLT has involved people from the fields of technology, art and theatre to create a holistic learning environment.

Our Mission

?To build conducive, interactive and creative environment in education through community awareness, nutrition aids, and alternative educative means to support children?s education.?

Our Vision

?Combine the power of technology and the convenience of the school system to make community education more effective and efficient.?
Registration Number (Public Trust Act): Reg no. 965 ? 97-98 Dt 07-01-1998
FCRA Clearance number is : Reg. No: 094420975
Tax Exemption Certificate Number: DIT(E) / 80G (R) / 148 /W-1 2003-04 Dt. 01-07-2003
Exemption Valid Dates: 2006

Movie available at Click on Children's LoveCastle Trust to see the movie.

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