Samajik Navnirman Sanstha (SNS)

Project Brief: Smajik Navnirman Sanstha (SNS) is a grass-root organization which provides after-school educational classes and computer education/services in villages dominated by SC/ST community. Asha is funding teacher's salary and one-time computer expenses.
Project Type: Tuition Centers (description)
Primary Focus: children of dalits/tribals (description)

Secondary Focus: vocational training

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Colorado
Status: completed - requirements ended
Project Steward: Pankaj Jagtap
Project Partner(s): Harshavardhan Purandare
Other Contacts:
Project Address: , Manik Avghade,c/0 Mahadeo Jadhav,Saidapur,
Tel: 02164 272921
Stewarding Chapter: Colorado
Sep 2006ColoradoUSD 1850
Dec 2005ColoradoUSD 1000
May 2005ColoradoUSD 3400
Aug 2004ColoradoUSD 540
Oct 2003ColoradoUSD 2086

Total = $8876

Smajik Navnirman Sanstha (SNS) is a grass-root organization which provides after-school educational classes and computer education/services in villages dominated by dalit (SC/ST) community.

This project has 2 components. First is to provide after school classes to the children in the age group of 9 to 16 in 8 villages in mainly dalit community. The after school classes also include health education and other community activites such as Karate Classes, Rangalo training, and Patha Natya (theater performed on the street which deals with various social issues). SNS also manages 800 book library and women's small savings scheme.

The second part of the project is about using Information Technology(IT) to bridge the digital devide and achieve socio-economical change using IT resources. This involves providing IT education to school children, village youth and masses. This also involves data capturing, identifying various social issues, and forming village expert committes in identified subjects to solve various social problems using technology.

Asha-colorado is supporting the teacher's salary for after school classes and fixed cost associated with the computer center.
Goals of this project -
1. Sustain after school classes and other community development activities 2. Achieve socio-economical change in the community using technology based on the 1v1c model
SNS is a grass-root level community-based organization with the goal of achieving social-economical development of villages through education of each child in formal or informal education. They want to equip all the village children to manage and use village resources in proper manner and become self-sufficient. The organization was founded and built on the issue of social justice and need for socio-economical change for the masses. SNS is founded and led by Mr. manik Avghade who has M.A. in Social Science and is a full-time social worker. Organizaiton is made-up of 9 Trustees from 8 villages where the work is performed. About 15 to 20 volunteers from each of these villages also help them with various activities.

1 Village 1 Computer - The mission of the 1V1C movement is to develop a vibrant village community and to create a self-sustaining open platform for solving important developmental local issues concerning education, communication, e-governance, gender and other prime Problems, via the establishment of Information Technology Centers & to bridge the digital divide by developing IT enabled Social Capital.

SNS has partnered with 1V1C to achieve social development using Information technology in the field of education, social services, and social development. SNS volunteers are trained by the 1V1C team and are supported in their efforts to implement 1v1c model in their community.