Peace Education Conference

Project Brief: A conference of groups working towards conflict resolution. The aim is to explore various forms of conflict, its impact on schooling and identify positive methods and tools which can be used by teachers to promote diversity and tolerance in schools.
Project Type: Resource Centers (description)
Primary Focus: creating resources (description)

Secondary Focus: other

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Stanford
Status: completed - requirements ended
Project Steward: Vaibhavi Gala
Project Partner(s): Anita Balasubramanium
Other Contacts: Suraj Jacob
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Stewarding Chapter: Stanford
Sep 2003StanfordUSD 350

Total = $350

This is a conference on "Conflict resolution and the school teacher" at Delhi from November 8-9, 2003, jointly organized by the Learning Network, Avehi-Abacus and Asha for Education.

Participating groups will have an interest/background in working with school teachers, addressing issues of diversity, peace, pluralism and non-violence. Being the first meeting, we are limiting this mainly to groups in and around Delhi, groups working in Rajasthan/Gujarat/Mumbai.

Conflict occurs in a variety of circumstances and is often propagated by stereotypes and poor understanding of diversity. At this meeting we hope to explore the following themes/topics: -

1. How do children/teachers deal with and react to conflicts among themselves?

2. Discipline techniques used in school - teacher student relationships.

3. Stereotypes and biases - how they are formed and propagated

4. Discrimination based on color of the skin/physical features

5. Gender stereotypes and associated biases

6. Intolerance based on religion/caste/culture

7. Stereotypes and biases with varying abilities/disabilities

8. Methods, skills for conflict resolution

9. Role of teacher in conflict resolution at the school

Create a resource base of groups to work towards conflict resolution from a schooling perspective.

Document different ways in which organizations are addressing these issues in schools, with teachers and children

Bring out a resource handbook/put up on the Learning network website (

Discuss possible supportive roles/activities that interested groups/individuals can take up.

Form a collaboration/network that would further disseminate the work being done.
Asha for Education: non-profit organization working towards socio-economic change through the medium of education

Learning Network: A resource group for interested groups, educators, and parents seeking meaningful approaches to education. It is the result of a previous such conference “Alternatives in Education” held by Asha in January 2003.

Avehi-Abacus: A resource group disseminating innovative educational materials and conducting training programs on the use of audio-visual media. It has developed Innovative Courses for primary school children and teachers.