Vikasana Organization for Education and Social Development - Bridge School

Project Brief: VIKASANA is a non-governamental organisation (NGO) working in 165 villages of Tarikere and Bhadravathi taluks of Chikmagalore, Shimoga districts respectively. Asha is supporting a Bridge School for child labourers and migrants.
Project Type: Residential School (description)
Primary Focus: children who are working (description)

Secondary Focus: children of migrant workers

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Seattle
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: Sharan Asundi
Project Partner(s): Varghese Cleatas
Other Contacts: Madhukar Govindaraju
Project Address: , Vikasana,,P.B.No.23, Galihalli cross,Tarikere taluk,Chikmagalur Dist.,Tarikere,
Tel: 011 91 8261422570
Stewarding Chapter: Seattle
Aug 2023SeattleUSD 13144
Aug 2022SeattleUSD 11702
Dec 2021SeattleUSD 12463
Oct 2021SeattleUSD 4706
Nov 2020SeattleUSD 3386
Sep 2020SeattleUSD 12092
Nov 2019SeattleUSD 11855
Nov 2018SeattleUSD 8235
Jan 2018SeattleUSD 22565
Dec 2017SeattleUSD 9176
Mar 2017SeattleUSD 7464
Jan 2016SeattleUSD 6681
Nov 2014SeattleUSD 8670
Aug 2013SeattleUSD 7014
Aug 2012SeattleUSD 7280
Feb 2012UFloridaUSD 2930
May 2011SeattleUSD 2700
May 2011SeattleUSD 3000
May 2011SeattleUSD 3000
Jun 2010UFloridaUSD 3000
Apr 2010SeattleUSD 8225
May 2009SeattleUSD 7300
Nov 2008Work an HourUSD 13370
Sep 2008SeattleUSD 5954
Jul 2008UFloridaUSD 1000
Mar 2008SeattleUSD 2200
Jan 2008SeattleUSD 2200
Dec 2007SeattleUSD 5289
May 2006SeattleUSD 1500
Dec 2006UFloridaUSD 0
Dec 2006SeattleUSD 4810

Total = $212911

Asha-Seattle and UFlorida have elected to sponsor a Bridge School in the State of Karnataka, run by a Non Governmental Organization called VIKASANA. The project is aimed at addressing the Child Labor problem in India. The project encompasses a cluster of 10 villages in Shimoga district in Bhadravathi taluk. The area is rain fed and also houses some of the big industries. The people living in this area work in farms, coffee estates, hotels, garages, fisheries, jaggery processing units or as workers in small scale industries for low wages without any incentives and other facilities. Adults are forced to migrate in search of employment to earn their bread. The migration of their children with them generates dropouts from school. After dropping out of school, children are forced to work with their parents, some of them working in coffee plantations and bricks making, or as agricultural / domestic workers to supplement income for the family.

The project started with a 3 year plan with Asha Melbourne and aimed at providing Non-formal education classes in Bridge school child labor center to motivate the children to get back to the formal schools. It is now into the 4th year and is promising enough to warrant considerations for expansion. The money provided by Asha-Seattle will be used to create an environment to educate the drop out children, enabling 25 children each year to join the main stream of society. In the past two years of Asha UFlorida and Asha Seattles's support, the project has endeavored to return about 50 children to school. Once these children are ready to join the main-stream education, the local community and SHGs and the taluk and district level federations will take the responsibility and look after the kids’ needs and make the project a success and sustain the process in the future.

Considering the experience the organization has in the area of agriculture and farming activities, UFlorida is currently evaluating a proposal from VIKASANA for a pilot argo/farming initiative which hopefully over the next 5-6 years will render the bridge school self-sustaining. Funds were generated through Work an Hour 2007.
VIKASANA as an organization itself has been involved in the Tarikere/Shimoga region for over a decade. Asha's involvement with them is to help run a bridge school in Bhadravathi.

1) To rehabilitate children of migratory laborers or child laborers through education

2) Start a pilot program in agro/farming to achieve self-sustenance in 5-6 years & impart farming techniques to landowning migratory laborers

3) It is expected that mitigation of migratory laborer problems will remove the requirement of the current bridge school in the area
VIKASANA is a non-governmental organization (NGO) currently working in 205 villages of Tarikere and Bhadravathi taluks of Chikmagalore, Shimoga districts respectively. It was incepted in the year 1988-89 and since its inception the organization has been working with the local people towards their economic, social, environment and education promotion. Over the past 14 years VIKASANA has worked to identify the needs and meet the aspiration of the rural poor and weaker sections through participatory approaches. Awareness raising, community health, child labor eradication and rehabilitation, environment protection, HIV/AIDS awareness, income generation activities, joint forest planning and management, natural resource management, poverty alleviation, small family concept, sustainable agriculture development, watershed development, women and child development programs, promotion of local groups and involvement of the groups in development activities are the major areas of involvement for the organization.
Bridge school to provide academic foundation to child labourers before they can be enrolled in mainstream school.
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