Project Brief: Facilitates the continuation of education of girls in the Deomai block of the district.
Project Type: Formal Schools (description)
Primary Focus: girls (description)

Secondary Focus: other

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: NYC/NJ
Status: completed - requirements ended
Project Steward: Pankaj Gupta
Project Partner(s): Dr. Sheel Thakur
Other Contacts:
Project Address: , REaD Technical Education Center,R.K. Girls Inter College,,Tewaripur, UP,
Stewarding Chapter: NYC/NJ
Oct 2008NYC/NJUSD 12800
May 2004NYC/NJUSD 5187
Dec 2002NYC/NJUSD 16750

Total = $34737

The Rural Education and Development (ReAD) project facilitates the continuation of education of girls in the Deomai block of the district.

Overview & Progress (Oct 2006)


This Program is dedicated to reaching out and helping the less fortunate People in Rural Areas where Educational & Health Care Facilities are poor. Our Major Objectives are to:
Promote College Education & Occupational Training Programs to Open Career Opportunities in Urban Industries Improving Quality of Life. Encourage Community to Enroll more girls in College & Technical Education by counseling them and offering Financial Incentives & Support to improve Gender Equality & Women Empowerment. Develop Reach Out Programs working with Non Profit Organizations (NPOs) to Promote Health Awareness & Provide Access to Urban Medical Services

Current Projects

The entire Fatehpur District in UP lacks technical education facilities. Five rural schools in this district were selected for implementing the following Projects:

1.Technical Education Project: Establish Technical Education Center to Offer IT Education in Selected Schools & Colleges
Initiate Computer Literacy in High Schools for Students & Teachers and to Provide Vocational Computer Courses in Colleges for the Community. Issue Computer Certificate at Technical Education Center Offer Diploma in Information Technology. Encourage Enrollment of Girl Students in Technical Education by Providing Scholarships, Assistantships & Financial Aid

2.Community Development Project: Establish Strategically Located Community Centers to promote Educational & Cultural Activities Provide Library Facilities to students and community members. Promote Advance College & Technical Education by Inviting Outside Speakers & College Professors to Advise & Counsel Interested Students. Arrange Student Visits to Colleges & Companies in nearby Cities. Conduct Educational & Cultural Programs encouraging Community Participation

3.Health Care Project: Collaborate with Health Care Organizations & Professionals in Neighboring Cities Working with Community Leaders. Promote Health Awareness Programs working with State Gov. & NPOs. Arrange Child & Elderly Care Clinics working with City Physicians. Conduct Periodic Health Camps thru Rotary & Lions Clubs etc.

Progress To-date
Since the start of the program in late 2003, we have established REaD Technical Education Center at RK Girls College, Tewaripur, collaborating with AIF, Bangalore & Asha India

Appointed Jagdish Singh, a Local Pradhan, as Manager of the Tech Ed Center, to oversee the day-to-day operations
After Contacting many Schools, Selected 5 which met the criteria and agreed to participation requirements specified by AIF

Ensured development of classroom facilities (with specified electrical wiring and power back-up) at the participating schools.

Donated 5 desktop computers to each participating school for holding computer classes for 3-4 hours each day for students as well as for training teachers.

Began Classes at selected schools gradually as instructors were recruited by AIF in Kanpur. All 5 instructors joined by July 2005 and each was assigned to teach at one school.
REaD Tech Ed Center provided living quarters to two instructors on college campus to encourage local presence and facilitate coordination with other schools.

One full academic year of Computer Literacy & Teacher’s Training program was completed at the 5 participating schools in June 2006

Program Funding

Since approval to receive Foreign Contributions has been pending, the funding of these projects was provided by Asha for Education & American India Foundation. We are awaiting approval of our FCRA application soon.