Chehak Trust

Project Brief: Sahyog runs various different community based non-formal education programs for children and young women in the marginalized communities of Mumbai.
Project Type: Children with Disabilities (description)
Primary Focus: children with disabilities (description)

Secondary Focus: other

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Danbury
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: Chitra Telang-Lobo
Project Partner(s): Beena Choksi
Other Contacts: Lalitha Podila
Project Address: , Triveni, C/11, 5th floor,66 Walkeshwar road,Mumbai,
Tel: 91 8419908564
Stewarding Chapter: Danbury
Mar 2024DanburyUSD 13563
Dec 2022DanburyUSD 11213
Dec 2021DanburyUSD 9299
Dec 2020DanburyUSD 7820
May 2020DanburyUSD 1778
Nov 2019DanburyUSD 8418
Dec 2018DanburyUSD 11406
Jun 2017DanburyUSD 12632
Dec 2015DanburyUSD 13369
Apr 2014DanburyUSD 10298
Jul 2010BerkeleyUSD 8000
Oct 2009NYC/NJUSD 9650
Jul 2008BerkeleyUSD 2000
Jan 2008BerkeleyUSD 10000
Jun 2007NYC/NJUSD 9000
Mar 2007AtlantaUSD 4000
Feb 2007Work an HourUSD 3378
Dec 2005BerkeleyUSD 9880
Mar 2004AtlantaUSD 1634
Dec 2004BerkeleyUSD 7740
Dec 2004AtlantaUSD 2500
Aug 2003BerkeleyUSD 5974
Dec 2002BerkeleyUSD 4000

Total = $177552

Sahyog Mumbai is committed to improving the status of marginalized communities through social change. Sahyog works daily to enhance the lives of those in Mumbai's low-income communities mainly by making education accessible to vulnerable young people through alternative community based education models. While in past years Sahyog has done this through various different centers, programs, and a school that ran for close to ten years, in 2011 the focus of the organization largely shifted in order to adapt to the needs of the communities being served. Three different programs are now being operated by Sahyog as it continues to grow with the communities it is involved in, these include Sahyog Umang, Jhula, and Sangharsh.
-Sahyog Umang provides job training skills for young women in the Dindoshi area. English lessons and computer skills, among other activities, are taught and aim at helping women reach their full potential and achieve personal development with the hope that through these newly acquired skills employment opportunities will increase and community development will occur.

-Sahyog Sangharsh is a non-formal school for special needs children in the Kurla-Ghatkopar area. The school serves between 10-25 children a day who range in age from 3-18 years old. These children are not able to attend formal government schools due to various disabilities, both cognitive and physical, and without Sangharsh would have few other options for schooling. Sangharsh aims to provide these children with access to a quality education through a trained and caring staff, medical assessments, and therapy. If possible, Sangarsh will also help transition students into municipal schools or help them find employment as they approach adulthood.

-Sahyog Jhula (as stated on Sahyog's website) "combines learning with practical work and community interaction to allow girls to step out of restricted spaces." A life skills program, Jhula was developed to address many of the issues girls living in the community may face, and to prepare them for these struggles by offering experience, skills, and information that would otherwise be unavailable to them.

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Since 2000, Sahyog has exhibited excellence in its work, and was recognized for this through the EdelGive Social Innovation Honour for Education in 2010.
A large number of the girls had dropped out of elementary education because of poverty, inadequate number of secondary schools in the neighborhood, and social strictures applied to adolescent girls. A population even more vulnerable than adolescent girls were children with disabilities for whom there were no educational resources; their vulnerability further compounded by their parents’ ignorance about such resources or inability to access them. This led to the decision to create community-based alternatives for the education of girl dropouts and out-of-school children with disabilities.
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