Asha Trust - Natpurwa

Project Brief: Natpurwa is a village of the Nat caste, whose main profession is prostitution. Two youths from the community are working towards ending this practice in this village.
Project Type: Community Based Interventions (description)
Primary Focus: children of sex workers (description)

Secondary Focus: health and cleanliness

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Boston/MIT
Status: completed - requirements ended
Project Steward: Melli Annamalai
Project Partner(s): Neel Kamal
Other Contacts: Meena Venkatachalam
Project Address: , Gram : Barahi (Natpurwa),Post: Sikroriha,,
Tel: (05854) 281920
Stewarding Chapter: Boston/MIT
Aug 2009Silicon ValleyUSD 4635
Nov 2008Boston/MITUSD 4400
Jul 2008Silicon ValleyUSD 3278
Nov 2007Boston/MITUSD 4500
Aug 2007Silicon ValleyUSD 1600
Mar 2007Silicon ValleyUSD 2100
Feb 2007Boston/MITUSD 2421
Nov 2006Boston/MITUSD 11000
Oct 2006Boston/MITUSD 2637
Feb 2006Boston/MITUSD 2500
Sep 2005Boston/MITUSD 6000
Jul 2003Boston/MITUSD 500
Feb 2003Boston/MITUSD 900
Dec 2003Boston/MITUSD 1670
Jun 2002Boston/MITUSD 1000

Total = $49141

The Natpurwa project is about 70 km from Lucknow. The people here are of the Nat caste, and their main profession is prostitution. This business has been continuing for the past 300 years as the only 'profession', where the women are the head of the family.

Two boys, Neelkamal and Guddu, brothers by relation, spent time at the Asha Ashram in Lalpur and thereon realized the implications of prostitution. With their knowledge and determination, they have been successful in bringing their families out of this flesh trade at least.

Both are now diligently working to bring some much needed change in their village. A primary school is being run by Asha where Neelkamal and two other teach. Further they are involved in the possible rehabilitation of the sex-workers - a herculean task!
The two youths have taken it upon themselves to try to bring change in their village. They both have been involved with other Asha projects (Lalpur, Varanasi), and then decided to work to improve the situation of their village. Neelkamal and Guddu would like to bring other means of employment to the village, wanting to end 'prostitution'. At the same time, they are providing primary education to the children. Health awareness camps/workshops and deliberations self-employment of the women through alternative means is part of their process.
Alt. Phone: 05854-270815 (Neelkamal's relative)