Sambhavna Clinic

Project Brief: Sambhavna Clinic in Bhopal is working with Asha to identify and assess disabilities in the community.
Project Type: Children with Disabilities (description)
Primary Focus: children with disabilities (description)

Secondary Focus: other

Area: Urban
Supporting Chapter Contact: Seattle
Status: completed - requirements ended
Project Steward: Raj Chauhan
Project Partner(s): Jayashree Janardhan
Other Contacts:
Project Address: , 44, Sant Kanwar Ram Nagar, Berasia Road,Bhopal,
Tel: 91-0755-730914 / 743157
Stewarding Chapter: Seattle
Dec 2003SeattleUSD 120
Dec 2003SeattleUSD 980

Total = $1100

Part of Trigger project proposal submitted to WAH 2003
Total Budget requested for this component: NIL (Non-monetary participation)

Sambhavna Clinic has agreed to work with Asha for Education to assess and identify the types of disabilities in the community it servers. Asha is funding the renumeration of a surveyor for 3 months.

Sambhanva has already identified and selected a recently trained heathcare worker from the community itself to conduct the 3-month survey.

At the conclusion of the survey, Asha and Sambhavna will evaluate possible action-items that empower the community and provide reasonable solutions and benefits to the disabled children of the community.
Sambhavna Clinic is a reputed organization that came about after the Bhopal tragedy. Its primary focus has been on providing medical help to the survivors of the tragedy.

The Sambhavna Clinic provides free medical care (through modern medicine, ayurveda and yoga) to the survivors of the December '84 Union Carbide disaster in Bhopal. Since September 1996 it has offered care to over 9000 chronically ill survivors from the severely affected communities. The clinic is run by the Sambhavna Trust with Dr. P. M. Bhargava, Chandana Chakrabarti, Madhu Kishwar, Padma Prakash, Mira Sadgopal, Satinath Sarangi and Dr. H. H. Trivedi, as trustees. It primarily runs on small donations from a large number of individuals all over the world.

Contact at Sambhavna: Satinath Sarangi (Sathyu)