Rotary Special School for Mentally Retarded

Project Brief: The goal of the Rotary School is to enable and empower the children so as to be able to support themselves. The kind of education imparted by the Rotary School will empower them with the skills needed to support themselves. The final goal is to give
Project Type: Children with Disabilities (description)
Primary Focus: children with disabilities (description)

Secondary Focus: vocational training

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Dallas
Status: completed - requirements ended
Project Steward: Swati Halady
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Other Contacts: M Jacob
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KERALA  671531
Tel: 0499-703420
Stewarding Chapter: Dallas
Jun 2003DallasUSD 5160

Total = $5160

The Rotary Special School started as a challenge to provide some education to the otherwise neglected mentally retarded children of the Kanhangad area.

Kanhangad is a small place in the District Of Kasaragod. Although the place has some elementary and high schools, there were no schools to meet the educational needs of mentally handicapped children. The majority population in Kanhangad falls under low-income earners or medium income earners. The literacy level is also on the lower side and hence most parents are ignorant of the problems faced by their child. A mentally handicapped child is thus considered more of a burden in many households. When the land was donated to the Rotary Club, they decided to use it for a good cause and decided to have a school for the mentally retarded children. Over the years, the institution has grown from strength to strength and as on date, it is one of the most reputed special schools in this region. The school is currently having strength of 65 children with eleven teaching staff and four non-teaching staff. Children attending the school are mostly from economically backward families. Many were not getting adequate attention to their problems from the family because of the ignorance of the parents. They are usually mild to severe affected children. However, the children show remarkable improvement in all aspects after started attending the school.

RSSMRC takes care of all the educational needs for the children. They also provide the children with one-time meals and conveyance from their home to school. The school also provides them with health care, as there is no institute dedicated to meet the special needs of the children and provide them with some training to be able to support themselves.

The school provides them with a in house doctor and a well equipped physiotherapy clinic
The Objectives Of RSSMRC: To prevent children from being a burden to their families and educate them to be able to support themselves.To pull the children away from social hatred and protect them from neglecting eyes of their own family.To instill in them the enthusiasm and generate awareness in them about various aspects of life which they would miss out by sitting neglected in some corner of the house To instill in them some self-esteem, confidence and give them some recognition in the society.To make them aware of their inherent abilities, skills and talents and help them realize the importance of supporting themselves To train them in various skills thereby aid them in being self-reliable and support themselves.In Addition:Besides the above, the school also imparts some vocational training to enable them to earn their own bread. The school also provides them with physiotherapy to make them stronger individuals physically.
Dr Nambiar is the chair person of the Rotary MGM charitable trust along with few other board of directors. Dr M.R Nambiar is a doctor by profession and has dedicated his life to the service of mankind. He also treats a good number of patients free of cost. A person who cannot afford an operation or medicines is often seen at Dr Nambiar’s hospital being cared for all his needs.

Dr Nambiar started this Rotary School with a noble thought of helping the mentally retarded kids. The Kanhangad area is populated with several wage earners and working for their development, despite his age has become his goal of life. .

1. Artificial Limb Manufacturing Unit
2. Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre
3. Swamy Ramdas Memorial Conference Hall
4. Computer Institute for Physically Handicapped