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Project Brief: Ushagram, is based in the Nadia district of West Bengal, India. Ushagram works toward the integrated development of villages which surround its campus. The campus itself is a self sustained unit - they have their own grain production, a prim
Project Type: Formal Schools (description)
Primary Focus: to go to formal school (description)

Secondary Focus: health and cleanliness

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Syracuse
Status: Proposal - Closed
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Project Address: , VIII - Ushagram,,P.O Birnagar,,
WEST BENGAL  741 127
Tel: + 91 (0) 4373 60283
Stewarding Chapter: Syracuse

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Most of the inhabitants of the project area came from Bangladesh as a displaced person. It was a heterogeneous settlement in a backward part of the boarder district (Nadia) of West Bengal. Most of the people were agricultural wage labourer, Marginal and small farmers. They were totally illeterate.There was no School, no Safe drinking water, no link road, no health care centre, no electricity no peace and harmony. At the beginning people were non-cooperating and hostile.

After constant negotiation, group meeting, awareness campaign, now almost all the families have become conscious of the need of education and other essentials. Now-a-days more than 12 hundreds children from those families are coming to education centres managed by Ushagram Trust. These Centres do not get any financial grants from the Government. The Centres are run by Ushagram Trust by collecting Donation etc.

Arrangement to supply safe drinking water installing deep hand pump tubewells has been made available. About 6 km. all weather village link road have been constructed. Proposal for further extension of sucy road has been submitted.

More than 1000 low cost sanitary home latrines have been constructed on the basis of co-finance by the beneficiaries.

If education be the greatest need of India, formal approach to impart education can only meet up partial need. It is to be supplemented by well planned non-formal vigorous mass approach for rapid removal of illiteracy along with continued education to the door step of every inhabitants of rural area.

Keeping this view in mind, Board of Trustees of Ushagram Trust has been conducting 10 elementary education centres since 1986 in the villages around Ushagram Vikash Kendra within Barasat Gram Panchayet of District Nadia. Mother's meetings are going on at these centres or in some convenient places.

Trust Board has very recently decided to continue and extend this non-formal approach under the guidance of a Central Mass-Education Centre, named Ushagram Aurobindo-Rabindra Gramin Pathagar. In other works we can call this attempt as a study centre movement for all under a Central Rural Library.

Ushagram Trust has already constructed small infrastructure in 10 villages and one at Ushagram. A few steps have also been taken for conducting five-fold programme stated here as under :

(a) Main function of the Central Centre i.e. Public Library will be to give away suitable teaching materials regularly on loan to each of 10 study centres. After a certain period, those books will be returned and fresh books and magazines for neo-literates will be taken again and within 5 years the whole process will be extended to 15 villages covering entire area of a single gram panchyat.

(b) Folk Theatre - A folk theatre as well as dance and music wing will function to aware & animate the rural people about the problems - Primary Health Care, Sanitation, Personal Hygiene, Nutrition, Bad effect of using chemicals, insecticides, and pesticides, chemical fertilizer and of early marriage etc.

(c) Central Public Library ? Central Public Library will be a lending section and a reading room section along with a book bank for higher class students and skill-trainees of vocational classes.

(d) Internet Connection wing for the spread of standard education to students and up-to-date information to rural common people.

(e) A wing for developing an archive, consisting of research papers, manuscripts, books, etc. in connection with rural development plans and attempts and results etc. of India, Bangladesh and any other countries of the world.

These five fold activities of the Central Mass Education Centre will take the shape of a constructive and creative movement.

Education for all in every family.
Ushagram Trust is a Non-Government, Non-Political Voluntary Organisation. It is not like so many NGO's now growing and functioning in this country. It runs on the ideology and line of thinking of Sri Aurobindo & the Mother though it is not a Unit of Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry, India.