Save The Children Home

Project Brief: The 'Save The Children Home,' located at Thakurpukur in the suburbs of Calcutta is a home for orphan girls. The girls are provided with schooling, food, and shelter.
Project Type: Child Home (description)
Primary Focus: orphans (description)

Secondary Focus: girls

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: CentralNJ
Status: completed - requirements ended
Project Steward: Snigdha Verma
Project Partner(s):
Other Contacts:
Project Address: , P.O. Joka,24 Paragans,Thakurpukur,
Stewarding Chapter: CentralNJ
Dec 2003CentralNJUSD 2100
Jan 2002CentralNJUSD 1500

Total = $3600

Asha CNJ has funded this project since 2001. The funds, an initial installment of $1500 was used for much-needed construction work on the orphanage.

The Home, built in 1944, is in a pretty dilapidated state. It required urgent funding to take care of some of the renovations. Asha CNJ has pledged its support to STCH by promising a better a life for the girls. The initial step in this being to take care of the needs of the building of the Home. The next step is to support some kind of an initiative to provide vocational training for these girls. This will help them become independent, and teach them self-sustenance, once they leave the Home at the age of 18 years.
The 'Save The Children Home' located at Thakurpukur in the suburbs of Calcutta is one of the six homes which 'Save The Children Committee' runs in and around West Bengal. The Home houses about 170 girls their ages ranging between 5 and 18 yrs. The Home has 6 large rooms where the girls reside. One of the rooms has been converted into a multipurpose room, which is used for classroom and entertainment purposes.

Success Story:
The success of any programme is always measured by tangible results. With great pride Mrs Sarkar relates the story of Anchala Mandi a tribal girl who came to the orphanage at the age of six after her mother got married for the second time. She stayed on in the orphanage helping in household activities, learning art and dance and graduated from school in 3rd Divison. With Mrs Sarkar support she joined High School and is currently studying engineering in Telecommunication in Bakuria. A philanthropist Mrs Durga Mondol is sponsoring her studies. Mrs Sarkar looks forward to the day when she will return to the orphanage as a staff member and will work with her in improving the orphanage