Mandra Lions Club - Purulia

Project Brief: "SCHOOL IN BAG" project
Project Type: Pre-Primary (description)
Primary Focus: children of dalits/tribals (description)

Secondary Focus: girls

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Stanford
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: Nagender Bandi
Project Partner(s): Somnath Singha Roy
Other Contacts: Shouvik Chatterjee
Project Address: , Mandra Lions Club,Sarada Pally, Baghmundi, Purulia, West Bengal, India,Baghmundi,
Tel: 9103252250381
Stewarding Chapter: Stanford
Nov 2023StanfordUSD 13741
Jul 2023StanfordUSD 13878
Aug 2022Silicon ValleyUSD 14246
Apr 2022Kansas CityUSD 15178
Jul 2021Kansas CityUSD 27922
Feb 2021Kansas CityUSD 2745
Sep 2020Kansas CityUSD 14159
Jun 2020Kansas CityUSD 13779
May 2020StanfordUSD 5061
Jul 2019StanfordUSD 33274
Jan 2019StanfordUSD 17522
Aug 2018StanfordUSD 18032
Jun 2018StanfordUSD 760
Oct 2017StanfordUSD 28897
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Oct 2013StanfordUSD 6223
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Sep 2013CornellUSD 6309
Mar 2013StanfordUSD 7199
Feb 2013CentralNJUSD 7400
Dec 2012StanfordUSD 6000
Nov 2012CornellUSD 9345
Sep 2012StanfordUSD 6841
May 2012CornellUSD 2500
Nov 2011StanfordUSD 5500
Aug 2011StanfordUSD 7500
Aug 2011CornellUSD 4000
Jul 2011StanfordUSD 4625
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Feb 2011StanfordUSD 5371
Aug 2010CornellUSD 3000
Aug 2010StanfordUSD 5274
Mar 2010StanfordUSD 611
Feb 2010Work an HourUSD 4421
Jun 2009Work an HourUSD 5032
Feb 2009StanfordUSD 4026
May 2008Silicon ValleyUSD 5240
Jun 2007StanfordUSD 1507
Jan 2007Silicon ValleyUSD 5000
Dec 2006StanfordUSD 2600
Jul 2005StanfordUSD 5200
Dec 2003StanfordUSD 4893
Dec 2002StanfordUSD 4800
Dec 2001StanfordUSD 3952

Total = $547471

For achieving project goals,the project has initiated mobile home education system called "SCHOOL IN BAG". Details about projects steps are given below:

1) Select home educator from the selected villages. This home educator will move from village to village with a bag and with innovative teaching learning materials in friendly languages.
2) Continuous training through workshop method on preparation and use of teaching learning materials through locally available materials, e.g. policy of national government for the tribal community, local predominant Issues, regional predominant Issues and Right to Education.
3) Meeting with villagers where for listening to their opinions and ideas in order to ensure the success of the Program. This will help us in our planning and allow us to overcome the inevitable hurdles that will be thrown in our way.
4) Co-ordination with various agencies that have similar missions. This will help all agencies in their quest to solve the problems of the community.
5) Arranging seminars with teachers and villagers.
6) Activities for children dealing with general knowledge, arts, painting, music, dancing, environmental awareness, health and hygiene etc. shall be done regularly. There would be play materials available and with the aid of indigenous items- children would be made aware of the numbers, colours, etc. The mental faculty would be developed keeping in mind the future of children. Though rural background would be given due importance, a modern outlook would be inculcated to compete in the ever progressive society.
7) Every child will be part of a team that takes responsibility for keeping the village clean; planting and maintaining trees in the village
8) Summer Camp will be organized
9) Street plays highlighting the ills of tobacco and alcohol abuse.
10) Workshops and vocational training seminars
11) There will be weekly tests and progress reports will be prepared in a timely fashion and parent's signature will be required. Teachers meet parents weekly to get a report of the child's progress.
12) Meeting of parents, teachers & project management will take place monthly & the outcome will be communicated to parents and the support agency.
13) Project review between the Community body, project management & the executive body shall be held on a quarterly basis and the same will be forwarded to support agency on quarter basis.
Primary School system in Ajyodhya Hill region is not functioning well

Short Term Goal: The short-term goal of this projects is to educate all the children of the projected villages through basic education.

5-Year Vision: The long-term goal is to ensure all rights (Development, Survival, Protection and Participation) of every child by involving the total community of the 74 villages Community
Mandra Lions Club was a youth group formed this organisation in 1975 by a well established NGO called Mandra Unnayan Sansad in a place called Mandra in Hooghly district. Somnath Singha Roy (one of the founder members of the youth club) grew up at his maternal uncle's place in Purullia district. Since be knew that Purullia district one of the drought pro- ne and deprived area in overall India. The club moved to Purullia in 1992 and has been working there ever since.
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