Puttur Education Society

Project Brief: Formal school for children of agricultural laborers. First time school goers
Project Type: Capex / Infrastructure (description)
Primary Focus: other (description)

Secondary Focus: other

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: St. Louis
Status: completed - requirements ended
Project Steward: Anjana Mohan
Project Partner(s):
Other Contacts:
Project Address: , ,,Kalladka,
Stewarding Chapter: St. Louis
Dec 2001St. LouisUSD 3000

Total = $3000

Puttur Education Society, also called Kalladka School, for being the only known school in the area, attempts to educate children of poor agricultural laborers.

The area has some government schools, but they are far away and are not very good, with poor infrastructure. Children are often not allowed to go because of either the high cost of transportation or the security concerns for girl students with the long commute.

The Kalladka school has a dedicated team, comprised of community volunteers and staff, who are in touch with the families and who make personal efforts to ensure that children are sent to school and educated.

The school has some pukka buildings: A long one storeyed old style building with a large verandah. Children are provided a mid-day meal on this verandah and all children say their prayers before meals. The new building is a "modern" one, with greek like columns in front.

The classrooms for the younger children are thatched roof huts. Their computer room is in one such.

The school is in a Hindu majority area with strong RSS workers, but the site visit determined that it was a secular project. A few Muslim students study there and do not feel discriminated against.
The goal of this project was to complete construction on a new building that had been started. They had intended to start the project with one floor to house some new boarding students, and hopefully secure funds in the future to complete the building and begin using it for both housing as well as classrooms. They approached Asha for completing the structure. This was a one-time infrastructure only proposal.
Sri Rama Vidya Kendra is the official name for the Kalladka School. The staff is comprised of a principal, teachers, an accountant, a cook and a cleaner.