Shanti Sadhana Ashram

Project Brief: Shanti Sadhana Ashram is one of the pioneer organisations in championing the cause of literacy in the backward districts of Assam
Project Type: Non-Formal Educational Centers (description)
Primary Focus: to go to formal school (description)

Secondary Focus: other

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Detroit
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: Subba Rao UV
Project Partner(s): Hemanta Baruah
Other Contacts: Sai Manohar Gopisetty
Project Address: , Shantivan, Basistha,P.O. Basistha,Guwahati,
ASSAM  781029
Tel: 0361- 2307138
Stewarding Chapter: Detroit
Sep 2023DetroitUSD 4881
Jun 2022DetroitUSD 10387
Dec 2021DetroitUSD 3411
Sep 2021DetroitUSD 4763
Mar 2021DetroitUSD 5776
May 2020DetroitUSD 4452
Jun 2019DetroitUSD 10080
Nov 2018DetroitUSD 2169
Jun 2018DetroitUSD 7478
Jun 2018DetroitUSD 3632
Dec 2017DetroitUSD 2400
Oct 2017DetroitUSD 6662
Jul 2017DetroitUSD 7885
Dec 2016DetroitUSD 966
Jun 2016DetroitUSD 6490
Nov 2015DetroitUSD 7415
May 2015DetroitUSD 1808
Oct 2014DetroitUSD 7748
Jan 2014DetroitUSD 2123
May 2013DetroitUSD 4712
Jan 2013DetroitUSD 1950
Aug 2012DetroitUSD 5000
Jul 2011DetroitUSD 3000
Apr 2011DetroitUSD 3000
Apr 2010DetroitUSD 5080
Dec 2009DetroitUSD 3670
Dec 2009Work an HourUSD 3907
Jul 2009DetroitUSD 6000
Mar 2009DetroitUSD 4000
Feb 2009Work an HourUSD 4000
Aug 2008DetroitUSD 6000
Mar 2008IrvineUSD 2000
Mar 2008DetroitUSD 5214
May 2007DetroitUSD 5000
Apr 2007IrvineUSD 2000
Jan 2007DetroitUSD 2051
Sep 2006DetroitUSD 5000
Mar 2006DetroitUSD 3700
Aug 2005DetroitUSD 4000
Mar 2005DetroitUSD 1000
May 2004DetroitUSD 3000
Feb 2004SeattleUSD 3500
Jan 2004DetroitUSD 2500
Mar 2003DetroitUSD 2500
Mar 2003DetroitUSD 2500
Feb 2003SeattleUSD 2500
Mar 2001DetroitUSD 2500
Mar 2001SeattleUSD 2500

Total = $202310

Shanti Sadhana Ashram (SSA) is located on the outskirts of Guwahati city in Assam. It runs eight schools in and around the city of Guwahati for kids from the poor socio economic backgrounds. Each school caters to the children from at least 3-4 nearby villages. These schools follow the system of non-formal and formal education for the children of ages 3 to 12 years. The classes fall into 3 categories - Pre-primary, Primary and Upper Primary.
To make all the children in these villages go to the government schools after attending the pre-primary or primary level of study through formal education.
Shanti Sadhana Ashram is one of the pioneer organisations in championing the cause of literacy in the backward districts of Assam, which it started as a "Literacy As a Movement of the People (LAMP)" in 1989. The National Literacy Mission, Govt. of India, recognized the Ashram's contributions to this literacy movement by giving the National Award on Literacy to its Secretary Mr. Hembhai in 1997. Since the beginning of the literacy movement the Ashram had an ardent desire to start some innovative schools for deprived children scattered in the remote areas of many districts.

The funds are sent to Asha Trust till 2010 as a collaborative project between Asha Trust and Shanthi Sadhana Ashram. After 2010, SSS got own FCRA and got funds directly.
Hemanta can be reached at santisadhan AT yahoo DOT com
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