Project Brief: Muskaan is an organization working for education of slum children in Bhopal
Project Type: Non-Formal Educational Centers (description)
Primary Focus: children from slums (description)

Secondary Focus: children of dalits/tribals

Area: Urban
Supporting Chapter Contact: Seattle
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: Garima Bangard
Project Partner(s): Shivani Taneja
Other Contacts: Janani Subramanian
Project Address: , Muskaan, 14, Nadir Colony,Shamla Hills,Bhopal,
Stewarding Chapter: Seattle
Apr 2020SeattleUSD 2623
Nov 2019SeattleUSD 25032
Mar 2019SeattleUSD 12599
Nov 2017SeattleUSD 42513
Dec 2016StanfordUSD 27825
Nov 2016SeattleUSD 23054
May 2016SeattleUSD 30306
Mar 2016SeattleUSD 21451
Mar 2016FrankfurtEUR 1500
Feb 2016StanfordUSD 14103
Oct 2015FrankfurtEUR 5000
Jul 2015StanfordUSD 7256
Oct 2014SeattleUSD 19525
Sep 2014StanfordUSD 7512
May 2014FrankfurtEUR 6000
Mar 2014SeattleUSD 6000
Nov 2013SeattleUSD 15421
Oct 2013StanfordUSD 7119
Sep 2013StanfordUSD 2800
Oct 2012SeattleUSD 17925
Oct 2012StanfordUSD 4764
May 2012SeattleUSD 6695
Feb 2012StanfordUSD 5200
Dec 2011SeattleUSD 2500
Dec 2011SeattleUSD 7500
Dec 2011SeattleUSD 7500
Aug 2011SeattleUSD 1400
May 2011StanfordUSD 4595
Dec 2010SeattleUSD 1475
Oct 2010FrankfurtEUR 1500
Oct 2010SeattleUSD 19655
Sep 2010StanfordUSD 4440
Apr 2010SeattleUSD 19890
Oct 2009SeattleUSD 0
Nov 2008SeattleUSD 17915
Aug 2007SeattleUSD 21395
Feb 2005Michigan State UniversityUSD 3000
Dec 2002Michigan State UniversityUSD 10000
Dec 2002SeattleUSD 9000
Dec 2001DetroitUSD 1500
Dec 2001Michigan State UniversityUSD 4800

Total = $452033.66

Muskaan extensively works in twenty four slum areas of Bhopal providing education to the underprivileged children. The organization's primary focus is on the education of children unable to access mainstream schools. The education programs also include strengthening the quality of education in government schools, preschool programs and residential camps. The organization is deeply involved with the community through healthcare programs, women’s saving group and livelihood training to the people of basti.

Asha Seattle has been supporting Muskaan for education expenses since October 2005 and making a difference to the lives of underprivileged kids in the slums of Bhopal

Since 2011, Asha Stanford has been supporting camps aimed towards children of rag-pickers and laborers. Please contact Sonal Gupta (sonal AT cs DOT stanford DOT edu) for any questions regarding this aspect of the project.

Starting 2013, Asha Stanford is supporting the residential school for the children at Muskaan. Since 2014, Asha Frankfurt (Germany) is supporting the construction of Muskaan educational facilities.
a. To promote meaningful education amongst children
b. To restore the rights of food, shelter, education and health to deprived children
c. To promote economic independence by providing opportunities for learning basic skills to youth and women
d. To promote awareness of social problems
Muskaan started in 1998 as an effort to provide meaningful education to twenty children from deprived backgrounds in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. Now more than 800 children and their families work with Muskaan. schools It had registered the primary school with the government. Muskaan also works with vulnerable slum communities on issues of education, identity, violence, survival, needs of health and nutrition and tries to enhance livelihoods and savings through microcredit.
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