Project Brief: To support the Education, Rehabilitation and Training of special-needs children cared for by Asmita.
Project Type: Children with Disabilities (description)
Primary Focus: children with disabilities (description)

Secondary Focus: remedial education

Area: Urban
Supporting Chapter Contact: Chicago
Status: completed - requirements ended
Project Steward: Nandita Agrawal
Project Partner(s): Dr. Krishna Dutt
Other Contacts: Kamala Rayavarapu
Project Address: , 12/357, Indira Nagar,,Lucknow,
Tel: +91-522-343257, 9839128868
Stewarding Chapter: Chicago
Dec 2011ChicagoUSD 5250
Apr 2011ChicagoUSD 6067
Jun 2010ChicagoUSD 6066
Dec 2009ChicagoUSD 2967
Jul 2009ChicagoUSD 2813
Aug 2008ChicagoUSD 2430
Apr 2008ChicagoUSD 2430
Sep 2007ChicagoUSD 3659
Dec 2006ChicagoUSD 1100
Mar 2004LondonGBP 2000
Feb 2004ChicagoUSD 550
Feb 2004ChicagoUSD 2100
Dec 2003ChicagoUSD 1100
Dec 2002ChicagoUSD 550
Dec 2001ChicagoUSD 550

Total = $40800.28

Slow learner is a term that is used for children that are neither average nor mentally sub-normal (IQ between 70- 85). These children are often termed as dull, border line, below-average, or partially mentally-subnormal. There is no education system currently in place to meet the special needs of these children. They can neither fit into the mainstream schools directly, nor do they belong in schools for the mentally retarded. In the absence of proper psychological guidance, the identity of these children is endangered, in their own families as well as in the society.
Asmita is an organization that addresses the special needs of these children. The organization, based in Lucknow, runs a school for slow learners, kids with partial mental disabilities and dyslexic kids. About 50 children are currently part of the school. Of those, Asha Chicago supports 15 children who cannot afford to pay the training and transportation costs.
1. To support the teaching & training, conveyance for 15 children cared for by Asmita.
a. The children would receive teaching and training according to their physical and mental abilities.
b. The transportation costs of these children are paid by Asha Chicago.
c. Asha Chicago also supports a teacher who is specially trained in teaching slow learners.
2. To support the rehabilitation and vocational training to the children at Asmita.
a. Starting this year (2008), about 20-25 children at Asmita would receive rehabilitation and vocational training. The purpose of the training is to teach them skilled trade, to make them independent, empower them to be employed and make their own living.
b. Some of the skills taught are: Candle making, paper cutting, Envelope making, incense stick making etc.
Teaching and training of slow learners,
Personality Empowerment Program,
Rehabilitation & vocational training,
Information services regarding disability.
Dr. Krishna Dutt (Clinical Psychologist, King George's Medical College, Lucknow, UP) formed Asmita, the center for slow learners, in 1989. The centre takes care of children in a two fold manner: dealing with behavioral anomalies and, educating them according to their abilities. The transitional phase of each student varies from one to three years depending upon the IQ and adaptation level. At Asmita more than 350 students have been enriched since 1989 and 15 students have even shifted to normal schools.

Asmita spreads awareness about slow learners and other disabilities in government schools in the area by conducting talks and seminars. The organization also conducts rural health camps in near by villages.