VGKK - Vivekananda Girijana Kalyana Kendra

Project Brief: The "Hope in the Hills" project is catered for to Soliga tribals, numbering over 50,000.
Project Type: Formal Schools (description)
Primary Focus: creating resources (description)

Secondary Focus: to go to formal school

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Los Angeles
Status: completed - requirements ended
Project Steward: Veena Viswanath
Project Partner(s):
Other Contacts:
Project Address: , Biligiri Ranganabetta (BR) Hills,,Yelandur Taluk,
KARNATAKA  571 441
Tel: (8226) 44025
Stewarding Chapter: Los Angeles
Jan 2003Los AngelesUSD 3031
Dec 2000Los AngelesUSD 2100
Dec 1999Los AngelesUSD 4948
Dec 1998Los AngelesUSD 1500
Dec 1997Los AngelesUSD 4736

Total = $16315

The project was started in 1980, and is involved in health, community development, and education. The school serves the Soliga tribe from four talukas -- Yelandur, Kollegal, Chamarajanagar, and Nanjanagud. It provides basic education and vocational training for members of the Soliga tribe.

Asha supports education of children in the remote hamlets of BR Hills for whom the local schools are too far off. The teachers go and visit the hamlets to teach the children. Asha also supports the vocational training program.

Asha aims to:
-- Assist the school in expanding its vocational training program.
-- Help hire teachers for the adult education program.
-- Include new volunteers who are showing interest and enthusiasm for the project.
-- Arrange for several Japanese groups who have shown interest to visit the project for internships.
-- Set up a trust fund through individual and corporate sponsorships.

The goal and vision of VGKK is to assist the tribal people in forming a self-reliant, united and progressive tribal community. VGKK also hopes to elicit the latent human potential in these tribal people through empowerment, health, education and training programs; all the while keeping intact their intrinsic values.

The chief departments of the project are as follows:
-- Health Care Center for the tribals - used for immunizations and health care and education.
-- Educational Center - a school with formal and non-formal education.
-- Vocational Training Centre - deals with training young tribal men and women for utilization of forest products without harm to the ecosystem. (This is a self sufficient body whose profits go into the educational system.)
-- Forest Biodiversity Centre - to study and maintain the biodiversity of the forest under management of the Soligas.

Project also known as Right Livelihood