Project Brief: A mobile science lab serving approx. 80 villages in the area. Few science teachers travel in a mini-bus to remote rural schools to train the students on science with experiments.
Project Type: Alternative Education (description)
Primary Focus: remedial education (description)

Secondary Focus: other

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Princeton
Status: rejected
Project Steward: Vikas Sawant
Project Partner(s):
Other Contacts:
Project Address: , Vasundhara Rural Reconstruction and Education Project,,Nerurpar,
Tel: 02362 - 22375
Stewarding Chapter: Princeton

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Rohini Gupta

Rohini Gupta

Vikas Sawant

Jul 2009AustinUSD 1750
Feb 2008PrincetonUSD 4000
Jan 2008AustinUSD 3500
Sep 2007PrincetonUSD 1500
Apr 2007PrincetonUSD 3500
Aug 2006PrincetonUSD 3500
Mar 2006PrincetonUSD 4000
Jun 2005PrincetonUSD 9000
Dec 2004PrincetonUSD 5000
Dec 2003PrincetonUSD 5000
Aug 2003PrincetonUSD 5000
Dec 2003Silicon ValleyUSD 5000
Dec 2003CentralNJUSD 1000
Dec 2002PrincetonUSD 10000
Dec 2002Silicon ValleyUSD 5000
Dec 2001PrincetonUSD 7276
Dec 2000PrincetonUSD 6000
Dec 1999PrincetonUSD 6000

Total = $86026

The motivation behind the Science on Wheels program is to promote science education through a development of logic, systematic observation and experimentation. It seeks to make learning science an enjoyable experience, help students learn analytical thinking, encourage them to question the world around them. In 1999-2000, the Science on Wheels program was organized 96 times in 60 schools. It is extended now to the upper-primary.

Additionally, they have Perpetual Science Workshop, which is a set of posters and activities designed to continually engage students in sciencerelated activities through active learning. And, Sunday Science School, which is a new
consecutive 7-sunday science course/forum where children will be able to participate in science related experiments and activities that cannot be pursued in a Science-on-Wheels like mobile-laboratory set-up -- activities which involve large, fragile models etc.
Vasundhara is a registered trust established in 1995 and working actively since mid-1997 as a "Peoples Education Project". Shri C.B.Naik, the managing trustee for Vasundhara, was with with Baba Amte's 'Anandwan' earlier. They primarily operate in the villages of Sindhudurg district (Kudal taluka) of the Konkan region. Although this region is almost 100% literate, Sindhudurg district is declared backward. 41% of the population lives below poverty level and no post-literacy programs exist. Agriculture is the primary source of income.