Asha Trust - Asha Center - Lalpur

Project Brief: Asha has set up a full-fledged centre called Asha Ashram for carrying out social change and development in Lalpur and surrounding villages of Hardoi district. A new Ashram at Bharawan will work as Public information and resource center.
Project Type: Non-Formal Educational Centers (description)
Primary Focus: creating resources (description)

Secondary Focus: remedial education

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: DC
Status: completed - requirements ended
Project Steward: Sirish Agarwal
Project Partner(s): Neel Kamal
Other Contacts: Sandeep Pandey
Project Address: , Lalpur Village,Post Atrauli,,
Tel: 0522-2347365, 9415022772. Do n
Stewarding Chapter: DC
Dec 2009DCUSD 4500
Feb 2009DCUSD 4215
Sep 2008DCINR 75
Sep 2008DCINR 75000
Apr 2008DCINR 225000
Jan 2008DCINR 46
Jan 2007DCINR 46000
Dec 2006DCUSD 2183
Sep 2006DCUSD 2183
Jul 2004DCUSD 3220
Dec 2003Boston/MITUSD 600
Dec 2002Boston/MITUSD 250
Dec 2000SeattleUSD 5000
Dec 1999Boston/MITUSD 800
Dec 1999Boston/MITUSD 10000
Dec 1999CornellUSD 200

Total = $40696.4378

The Asha Lalpur Ashram is a local community effort of asha parivar carrying out intervention through right to information (RTI), self-governance, non-formal education, vocational skills development, gender rights and women’s self-help groups.

Empowerment through right to information is the main focus of activities of Asha ashram lalpur and surrounding villages in Hardoi district.

Strategies in Right to Information Efforts:
· Mobilization and Empowerment of people whose lives are affected.
· Awareness campaign and training programmes related to people’s rights, laws, government policies, schemes.
· A powerful tool of ‘Janata Jaanch’ introduced involving people, questioning authorities.
· Direct action to reclaim money taken as bribe by officials.
· Systematic use of RTI, food for work scheme, etc.
· Constant dialogue and confrontation whenever required with District and State authorities.
· Focus on dalits, women and poor.
· Networking with other movements working on similar issues to get pro-people policies, laws made and raise issues at State and National level.

· People raising voice, prioritizing development needs, asking questions, demanding accountability.
· The movement has become self-perpetuating where people from many villages have joined hands to make it into a people’s movement.
· Slowly but steadily things are improving. Schemes, funds meant for people are reaching the needy.
· Vested interests, political powerful section and repressive ruling class were forced to take notice of the people’s voice.
· Government administration, after initial apathy, forced to take action and is now cooperating realizing that the movement is in effect strengthening democracy at the grassroots.
· Poor people are standing up for their rights moving in the direction of realizing their of a just, peaceful, secular and democratic society.

Asha Ashram provides free education to children and health facilities to the villagers. Asha parivar is developing its model of education based on a philosophy which essentially focuses on cultivation of values for a just human order and promotes skills which will help a person become self-reliant. To strengthen the right kind of values for happy and satisfying human relationships Asha is developing curriculum through teacher interactions and training camps.
The objective of this ashram run by Asha parivar volunteers is to work for social change based on multiple level interventions in the community.

Aim is to achieve three purposes:
(1) Strengthen democracy at the grassroos through active participation by all in governance,
(2) inculcate human values in children and adults for just human order and for clear understaning of one's relationships with community and the environment,
(3) impart skills which will help an individual become self-reliant when he/she grows up.
This effort was started by one of the Asha for edcuation founders, Dr. Sandeep Pandey, and is an attempt to bring new light into the lives of hundreds of dalits living in and around Lalpur. Incidentally, Lalpur is an Ambedkar Village as every house bears the words ?Jai Beehn
(for BR Ambedkar) Jai Bharat?.
Contacts: Ram Sagar Verma 'Guddu', 9451209863; Neelkamal, 9451148061
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