TRY - To Reach You

Project Brief: Shelter for children rescued from trafficking
Project Type: Child Home (description)
Primary Focus: children of sex workers (description)

Secondary Focus: to go to formal school

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Dallas
Status: completed - requirements ended
Project Steward: Kirti Sangar
Project Partner(s): Chandravel R. K
Other Contacts: Deepa Varadarajan
Project Address: , 1/196, Veeras Garden, Lingam Nagar, Mudichur,,Tambaram,,Chennai,
TAMIL NADU  6000048
Tel: 044-9840937779
Stewarding Chapter: Dallas
Sep 2008Work an HourUSD 15954
Mar 2008PurdueUSD 500
Mar 2007DallasUSD 10000
Oct 2005DallasUSD 2326
Aug 2005SyracuseUSD 2500
Dec 2005Work an HourUSD 10000
Oct 2004Boston/MITUSD 1600
Dec 2004Work an HourUSD 10000
Dec 2003SyracuseUSD 2200
Dec 2003Boston/MITUSD 3350
Dec 2002SyracuseUSD 2150
Dec 2002Boston/MITUSD 2470
Dec 2001Boston/MITUSD 1450
Dec 2001SyracuseUSD 650
Dec 2000General FundsUSD 2050
Dec 2000Silicon ValleyUSD 1000

Total = $68200

Started in 1996 as a non profit organization by R.K.Chandraveluchamy. The first interest was community field work, and to educate via distribution of information. During this effort, they realized that children of commercial sex workers did not have any opportunities to develop themselves. There were no services aimed at these children. Thus, this organization decided to do something for the betterment of these children.
There are three major goals for the "Child-centric interrated-intervention" Project and specfic objectives with each of the goals.
1.To provide food, shelter and care for all the children at the TRY Shelter home.
2.To provide medical assistance, clothing and meet recreational needs of the children.
Rehabilitation of the mother/parents/afamily mamber of the child.
1.To help the mother/parents/or a member of the family in providing vocational training.
2.To offer counselling service to family member of the child and help them effectively counter the crisis or situation
3.To offer referral service by liaison and networking with other social work agencies and Govt.Dept.
To Implement various community develoment programs that will augment to raise public conciousness about the need of basic education for children, and Aids prevntion and campaign.
1.To effectively use volounteers and students as a major factor in helping people to learn
2.To reruit a group of post graduate students in social work(2-3students each semester) from various colleges to become volunteers in CCII project.
3.To provide training and real exposure for the student volunteer that cover
a.Concept of caase work and group work
b.Family counselling
c.regular report writing and/or research work developnment/ogranization

1.To promote the intrests and total welfare of all the socially, educationally and economically down people of India irrespective of caste, creed and religion on non-profit basis.
2.To enable the socially, educationally and economically under developed people of our country to realize their full potential through development programs.
3.To provide substitute care for the destitute and children in vulnerable conditions with cutodial care,protection and maintenance.
4.To render assistance through youth in order to make them self-reliant and self supportive by promoting voluntary action amoung them.
5.To conduct training and income generation programs for the youth and to realize their poential and aspirations.
6.To establish center for study and research on child,woman,youth,aged family and community welfare.
Mobile: 9840937779