Project Brief: Aarabh is an NGO that works to improve the health and educational standards among several slums in Mumbai.
Project Type: Tuition Centers (description)
Primary Focus: children from slums (description)

Secondary Focus: to go to formal school

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Boston/MIT
Status: completed - things went wrong
Project Steward: Aditya Parmar
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Stewarding Chapter: Boston/MIT
Dec 2000Boston/MITUSD 780

Total = $780

Arambh was started by Shobha Murthy in 1998 in the slums of New Bombay. The focus there has revolved around the education of the children and youth in these slums. It caters mostly to families of the construction workers who had originally arrived to work in the area during the 1980s while New Bombay was still under development.
For the children who attend traditional schools in the area, Aarambh provides additional assistance before and after their regular classes. For children who are not as receptive to formal education settings, Aarambh provides non-formal classes and tries to make education more interesting for them.
Aarambh is very tightly intertwined with the community it serves. For example, the electrical and mechanical maintenance of the classrooms is done by the local community.
In the future, Aarambh hopes to train the youth of the area with skills they can use to get jobs, such as sewing, screen printing, typing, file making, computers, and teaching.
education of the children and youth in these slums.