Society Undertaking Poor Peoples On us for Rehabilitation - SUPPORT

Project Brief: SUPPORT is a group dedicated to fighting AIDS and Drug Abuse among street children in Mumbai.
Project Type: Special Needs (description)
Primary Focus: children of sex workers (description)

Secondary Focus: other

Area: Urban
Supporting Chapter Contact: Seattle
Status: completed - requirements ended
Project Steward: Malti Raghavan
Project Partner(s):
Other Contacts:
Project Address: , Old BMC Office, 2nd Floor,Vako;a Market, Nehru Road, Santa Cruz(East),Mumbai,
Tel: (91-22) 2665-2904
Stewarding Chapter: Seattle
Mar 2011SeattleUSD 24750
May 2010SeattleUSD 23500
Apr 2009SeattleUSD 21000
Nov 2008SeattleUSD 10625
Jul 2008SeattleUSD 12270
Oct 2007SeattleUSD 13000
Apr 2007SeattleUSD 12120
Oct 2006SeattleUSD 11000
Apr 2006SeattleUSD 11066
Feb 2006PrincetonUSD 2735
Dec 2006PrincetonUSD 1194
Dec 2005SeattleUSD 19520
May 2004SeattleUSD 0
May 2004SeattleUSD 15000
Dec 2004PrincetonUSD 5000
Dec 2002SeattleUSD 15000
Dec 2001SeattleUSD 30000
Dec 2000SeattleUSD 12000
Dec 1999SeattleUSD 4000

Total = $243780

SUPPORT is a group dedicated to fighting AIDS and Drug Abuse among street children in Mumbai.
The objectives of this project are:

TO upgrade already existing VOCATIONAL TRAINING program for the women/ young girls/ youth & children living at the pavement & onsreets.

TO make these groups more aware of AIDS, STD & sexual abuse. To make the youth self sufficient by giving training in small scales industry.

TO develop knowledge, attitude & skills for better living, mostly in form of basic education & some basic business skills.

To give literacy training for all participants.

To bring in changes in the attitudes & values of the youth group. To reduce stress, anxiety & tension of living on the street through counseling services.
SUPPORT, Society for Undertaking Poor People's Onus for Rehabilitation, is a young go-getting, no-nonsense voluntary organization fighting on the streets to prevent Drug Abuse and AIDS. It began its work in 1985, creating awareness on drug abuse and AIDS with children of the higher strata of society.

In 1989, SUPPORT moved its focus to the most vulnerable of our children, those who live on the streets, and a project was initiated at Victoria Terminus Station covering 300 street addicts.

From 1993, SUPPORT has expanded its activities to Grant Road, Kamathipura, Dadar, Matunga and Mahim areas covering a wider range of street population including sex workers and eunuchs. A rehabilitation center has been opened for child addicts below 16.

Working in the field of Drug Abuse and HIV/AIDS prevention amongst street children, homeless youth and pavement families. Residential facilities. Providing school as well as in-house education and vocational training.