Spastics Society of Karnataka

Project Brief: The "Appropriate Learning" program was concieved by the Spastics Society of Karnataka to educate children with disabilities.
Project Type: Children with Disabilities (description)
Primary Focus: children with disabilities (description)

Secondary Focus: vocational training

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Atlanta
Status: completed - requirements ended
Project Steward: Anuradha Bulusu
Project Partner(s): Hema Krishnamurti
Other Contacts: Padmanava Sen
Project Address: , 31, 5th Cross, 5th Main,Indira Nagar, 1st Stage,Bangalore,
Tel: 80 4074 5900
Stewarding Chapter: Atlanta
Jun 2018AtlantaUSD 7598
Jul 2017AtlantaUSD 7870
Jun 2016AtlantaUSD 4495
Oct 2007SeattleUSD 3000
Nov 2005SeattleUSD 3000
Aug 2004SeattleUSD 3000
Apr 2003SeattleUSD 3000
Dec 2002SeattleUSD 6300
Dec 2001SeattleUSD 3000
Dec 2000CornellUSD 700
Dec 2000SeattleUSD 3000
Dec 1999SeattleUSD 3000
Dec 1997SeattleUSD 2000
Dec 1996SeattleUSD 3000

Total = $52963

The Spastics Society of Karnataka was founded in 1982. It aims to assist with the integration of children with disabilities into the mainstream community. The Society also works at creating awareness among people about prevention of disabilities such as cerebral palsy.
In the "Appropriate Learning" project, education is individually planned based on the abilities of the children. They try to provide the children with an education that will allow them to lead lives that are as independent as possible. This includes teaching basic needs such as math, language and environmental sciences. As the children grow older, other prevocational & vocational skills are also taught.
The project was conceived with a view to providing educational and literacy services to

  • Children with disabilities including cerebral palsy.
  • Children from poorer sections of society with disabilities.
  • Integrating more capable Spastic children into regular schools.
  • Spread awareness of the different problems faced by children with cerebral palsy into the community.
  • Educate the general public on prevention of cerebral palsy.
The Spastics Society of Karnataka was founded in 1982.
Long term objectives:

  • Integration of children with disabilities into the community.
  • Creating awareness among people about prevention of disabilities.

Some of their other projects include a Centre for Special Education and Outreach - a community based rehabilitation program. These were funded by public donations and fund raisers, a government grant and a fund from Action India (U.K.). The society has programs running in the city and in 12 villages.