Asha Trust - Project Cauvery

Project Brief: Asha Chennai is working to improve the conditions and education at several government primary and middle schools in Thiruvarur district.

Project Type: Working with the Government (description)
Primary Focus: to go to formal school (description)

Secondary Focus: other

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Chennai
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: Komalavalli
Project Partner(s): Rajaraman Krishnan
Other Contacts:
Project Address: , 51/2, Agraharam Street, Keezha Panaiyur Village, Thiruvarur,Thiruvarur district. Tamilnadu-614708.,Thiruvarur,
TAMIL NADU  614708
Tel: 91-9444404060
Stewarding Chapter: Chennai
Apr 2024ChennaiUSD 1359
Aug 2023ChennaiUSD 6931

Total = $8290

Thiruvarur district lying on the delta regions of the famous Cauvery river is popularly known as The Granary of South India. Agriculture is the principal occupation in this region, dependent upon rainfall and the water released in cauvery and its various tributaries. The region is also rich in coconut groves , the by-products of which has given rise to some small-scale cottage industries.

Historically Thiruvarur district has been a center of religion ,arts , architecture and science which makes it a famous tourist destination in the present.

There are no major industries or IT parks making the migration of educated youth to Trichy , Coimbatore and Chennai inevitable for better opportunities .

Public transport is available on the state highways but most interior villages don't have bus connections. Many villages lack hospitals.
Most villages have either a primary or middle school where enrollment is satisfactory. The GER ratio is pretty good.
The quality of education definitely needs improvement, so does the general infrastructure and especially sanitation facilities.

Ms.Komalavalli , volunteer of Asha Chennai and a native of Thiruvarur district identified schools for receiving Asha support in the summer of 2022 and Project Cauvery began its operations from November 2022 in and around Kottur block.

It is a fact that despite the thoughtful efforts taken by the State and the Central Government of India to promote Digital Literacy in the rural schools, there exists a huge gap in the access to the technology to the government school children. The digital divide is present in multivariate forms which may be attributed to reasons like lack of training of the teachers, lack of availability of resources, lack of maintenance of resources,etc.,

The focus was to impart hands-on computer education twice or thrice a week to the school children till middle schools by giving them access to computer trained teachers and resources like laptops, internet connection, Asha Kanini packages and unplugged activities to bridge the gap in Digital Literacy to the extent possible.

Another aim is to create a joyful Learning experience in the schools by distribution of mats, study materials, supporting Annual/ Sports day and Excursions etc., and also by improving sanitation facilities .

Also setting up Fully equipped Public libraries in the villages where Asha supported schools are present with the help of local population to kindle the reading habit among all and enable youth to explore the world on their own terms is another important goal.
Asha Chennai is working to improve the conditions and education at several government primary and middle schools in Thiruvarur district.
Asha-Chennai is a chapter of ‘Asha for Education’ based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. It is run entirely by an action group formed to catalyze socio-economic change in India through the education of underprivileged children.